Anthropologie May Wishlist
May 25, 2012, 8:02 am
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Anthropologie just sent out an email this week with a June preview for card-holders (in a word: underwhelming), so I figure I should get off my butt and post my May wishlist already!  My favorite new offerings from Anthro this month:


Porthole Chemise - #24282311 - $68

What an cute, easy-to-wear, summertime dress!  Technically a coverup, and with the cut-out in the back, you’d have to be careful about wearing the right bra, but I think it would work so well for lazy hot weekends with sandals and a floppy sun-hat.


Lace Edged Cami - #24836488 – $48

A close sister to 2010′s Maryam Tank, which I always regretted passing over.  This camisole will be perfect for layering and adding length to shorter shirts.


Laced Up Hoodie - #24607467 -  $88

A little hoodie that’s flatteringly ruched with a lace overlay on the outside, and comfy soft-sweatshirt material on the outside — what’s not to like?  Casual and fancy perfectly rolled up into one piece.


Night Aster Set- #24105181 - $68, $38

No words for just how gorgeous this lacy, vintage-inspired lingerie set is.


Gwendolyn Chemise – #24627168 - $88

Another absolutely gorgeous delicate and 1910-20′s-inspired piece of loungewear.    This is maybe the prettiest thing I’ve seen Anthropologie produce in years.  (I’ve seen it in person though, and I’m not sure how seriously you can take their recommendation to wear it out to lunch though…way too sheer!  Curious as to what sort of luncheons Anthro copywriters attend.)


Mineral Mesh Chemise – #24626988 - $88

Another sheer, airy, chemise in a lovely dove gray, perfect for hot summer nights or as a light layering piece under sheer dresses.


Saffron Burst Tank – #24670093 – $98

Notice a pattern in all my wishlist items so far?  Yes, that’s right, they’re all loungewear; not a single clothing item from Anthropologie’s main line in sight.  I admit I’m liking Anthropologie’s overall offerings more this month, but still, there’s something just a bit off on most pieces (usually the length, a weirdly blousy silhouette, or the inclusion polyester, gah), and a  lot of the sort-of cute things they have out now just don’t have enough of that certain old-Anthro factor to fulfill a real *need* in my closet yet.  The one actual clothing item that did, however, make the cut for me, was this blouse.  The draping and the ethereal gray color with the orange embellishments make it so pretty and elegant.  Not sure how the high neckline and the folds at the bodice will fare on a larger chest, but I’m looking forward to seeing and trying this one on in person.

That’s it for now!  What things did you guys like this month, if anything?  Were any of you as horrified by the presence of tie-die in the June preview as I was? ;)

OOTD: Emerald Cut
May 24, 2012, 10:05 am
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Okay, while my foot is still on the mend, how about a blast from the past OOTD?  This is what I wore to a nice dinner on St. Patrick’s Day, although I didn’t actually get around to posting in March because I think I had greened-myself out by that point :)  This was about the third occasion I’d actually worn my Anthropologie Emerald Cut Dress, and sadly probably my last!  Sigh, it makes me so unhappy to realize that I can no longer wear some of the items in my closet, but this is definitely one of them.  I just cannot put on dresses this short anymore without feeling extremely self-conscious and antsy!  Possibly I could rescue this one with a slip or crinoline, but I ended up giving this to my mother afterwards, who, being a few inches shorter than me, looked perfectly beautiful and appropriate in it.  I’m happy at least that I get to pass the dress on to her, but hrmph, it’s never fun to realize that you’re getting old!  When I bought this dress 2 1/2 years ago it seemed perfectly fine, but I’m conscious these days that I’m edging ever closer to 30 and mid-thigh hemlines just don’t seem right now.  I wish I had appreciated and worn it more in that magical interim of youthful appropriateness :)

Lean on Me
May 17, 2012, 9:00 am
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Kate Spade Polka Dot Jillian & Intarsia Bow Cardigan, All Black Pat Ballet Flats

Sorry for the extended absence!  I went on vacation for a few weeks, and, as usual, despite my best intentions to update semi-regularly, I had absolutely no time to spend on the internets (which is actually probably a good thing, no?).  I had a lovely time traipsing through Vienna and across Switzerland, although the last week of my trip I had an unfortunate incident in one of the medieval castles I was exploring and I ended up tripping over an uneven doorway in a dungeon cell (not a lot of concern for prisoner safety back in those days!), went flying across the room, and landed on my foot, which had twisted under me.  I spent the rest of the trip with a sprained, swollen ankle and had to hobble around ineptly on crutches, which kind of put a damper on things.  I’ve been back for the last week or two, and have happily been walking on my own this week, though sadly my finger joints are swollen from the stress of gripping the crutches, so my typing — and a host of other everyday activities — is painfully slow at the moment.  Oh well, I’ll rest and recover completely soon I hope!  In the meantime, between the crutches and the (not pictured) ankle brace I’ve had to wear, I’ve been a bit lax on the fashion, but this weekend I figured I had to at least put on my best show still for Mother’s Day, no?   Especially since my mom has been panicking incessantly about the state of my foot!  Kate Spade is an easy go-to for a put-together weekend look, so I tossed on two of my favorite pieces (in a combination I’ve been daydreaming about since last year), and I think succeeded looking bright, cheerful, and together enough to make my mother worry *a little* less about me than she had been before :)

OOTD: Rose & Hortensia
April 20, 2012, 10:14 am
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Anthropologie Rose & Hortensia Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs Barnes Cardigan, Kathryn Kerrigan Maria Mary Janes, Gorjana Star Wrap Necklace, HSN Script Initial Ring

Robin’s egg and red is a color combination I’ve been enamored with since I saw this promotional photo for The Decemberists Hazards of Love a few years back — I just love the amazing pop that crinoline makes under the baby blue with the girl at the right!  The combo is the perfect mix of sweet and demure and bold and punchy:


So obviously I was also enamored when I first laid eyes on Anna Sui’s beautiful Rose & Hortensia dress at Anthropologie — the pale blue background and the florals that cover it obviously make it pretty girly and sweet, but the deep red roses painted against that blue pop strikingly and make things so much more interesting.  I waited months and months for this dress to go on sale, and then I even held out a bit longer still for it to get a second cut, which means I ended up scoring it for an amazing 70% off!  A total score in my opinion for how nice the dress is.  (Of course now it’s even more of a steal — it just got a third cut this week down to $39.95, so try to find it in stores if you can!)  It will be perfect for the upcoming wedding season I think — I plan on pairing it with mint, buttercup yellow, and baby blue cardigans for formal events like those.  Today I wanted to wear it for a casual brunch with friends however, so I made things a little more low-key and less prim by pairing it with a long boyfriend cardi and a punchy pair of red mary janes.

In a rare (and completely cooincidental) display of coordination, my nails actually matched my outfit pretty well, painted in China Glaze’s Tiffany blue shade, For Audrey.  Even my wallet ended up going perfectly, so I couldn’t help but shoehorn it in my photos as well :)  It is a semi-newish acquisition, given to me as a gift to replace the random beat-up leather pouch I’d been carting all my credit cards in for past last year and a half.  I’m not really into any Tiffany’s jewelry, but I admit their line of leather goods, offered in their signature shade of blue, has me a bit smitten :)


Tiffany & Co. French Wallet

Anthropologie April Wishlist
April 16, 2012, 7:21 am
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Another month, another Anthropologie wishlist.  Still only a small list of wants, but wants nonetheless.  Here’s what I liked from the April rollout:

Floral Wing Dress - $160

The big draw this month was obviously the Made In Kind release — a series of eleven limited edition designer collaboration collections.  The pieces were all pretty interesting, but still, very few snagged my attention permanently.  (Well, I liked the beautiful lacy vintage pieces in the Place National collection, but they were alarmingly marked “one size fits most” — yeah, right — and sold out within the first hour of release anyway.   And the Koto Bolofo collection was actually fairly stunning, but all the white and linen is not really suited to my lifestyle.)  All in all, there are only two items I am seriously toying with buying at all — the first is this adorable Hi There from Karen Walker dress.  I love the pattern of vibrant florals against dark navy, and the cut is sweet and demure.  I’m a bit iffy about polyester in a $160 dress, but I suppose they had to tone down the materials as real Karen Walker pieces cost so much more.  Plus, these days, there is good poly and there is bad poly, and I’m hoping this dress is made out of the nicer kind, not the one that feels rough and doesn’t breathe at all, fingers crossed.



Photogarden Flared Dress – $250

The other piece that caught my eye from the Made in Kind release was this graphic, stripey number by Pipit.  I love the skirt-blouse-combo dress look, and there is something so delightful and fun about pairing a muted foliage print with bold stripes and than an even bolder splash of yellow down the back. However, for jersey and cotton, this dress is truly alarmingly priced.  I understand, designer collab and all, yada yada, but afraid that I my budgeting-conscience these days may not have the stamina to stomach the cost.  We shall see.  Plus, I’m very much a cardigan-over-my-dress kind of girl most of the time, and I feel like that habit might mitigate half the appeal of this dress by covering up it’s best asset, the back!  Awaiting some reviews of this to appear on the website to see what others think…

Oblique Ruffle Tank – $88

I’ve been searching for some pretty white blouses to pair with skirts, and I love the neckline on this pretty Yoana Baraschi blouse.  Things I do not love: weird asymmetric hem and eponymous side ruffle (can perhaps be overlooked if just worn tucked into skirts) and the catalog shot indicating extreme sheerness.  We’ll see how it fares in person.


Cabana Chemise - $68

This one’s a pick from the loungewear section, but thankfully that just means it’s a dress that’s priced super reasonably compared to every other one on the site.  It’s technically a coverup, but can fare perfectly well as a summertime dress.  The material is soft, thick cotton, the vertical stripes flatter and give it a maritime flair, and the rope belt tie is a cute finishing touch.  The only problem I had was that the sizing was a bit off for my figure — a small hugged my hips too much, but fit perfectly on top, while a medium was comfortable on my lower body but gaped too much in the chest.  (If I get it, I’ll probably go with a medium and get it tailored.)


Glossed Bow Sandals – $128

Onto the footwear section — I’ve been looking for sandals to beef up my summer footwear collection (pumps and oxfords can only take you so far in hot weather), and I love these red flats topped with shiny patent bows.


Janice Set – $28, $38

And lastly, to go underneath it all, I’ve got my eyes on this this delightfully retro polka dot lingerie set by Blush.  Simply adorable!


Since that’s about only half of what a wishlist last year at this time would run, I thought I might fill the rest of this post updating on my overall Anthropologie wishlist, last written about here.  Let’s see where things stand:



Bike Lane Dress, Rose & Hortensia Dress

Bike Lane Dress – My lust for this one is going strong, and I still feel like it’s the most delightful dress Anthropologie has put out in ages!  But since it’s still rainy and cold in Northern California, I still can’t bear to buy this one at full price if I can’t even wear it right away.  I’m going to wait until May to pounce on it  – if it hasn’t gone on sale by then of course, but Anthro seems to love torturing me on this popular dresses…  On the other hand, the Rose & Hortensia Dress is one I have pounced on — as predicted in my last post, it did shortly get a second cut down to $80, which was quite reasonable for a silk Anna Sui Dress that started at $288!  The dress is gorgeous, and I’m so happy with my purchase; I’ll showcase it in an upcoming OOTD post soon!



Embossed Basket Dress, Mirrored Truths Dress

The Embossed Basket Dress went on sale the other week, but it was one of Anthropologie’s trick “sales” where it only went on sale for $119.95 from an original price of $168 (when by all rights it should have been about $89.95!).  But, like a weakling, I went and bought it anyway, sigh.  I’m too lazy and preoccupied these days to stalk things I really like for second cuts.   It’s such an easy to wear dress though, and I am still pretty smitten with that cobalt color, so I feel like I’ll get enough milage out of it for it to be worth it.  The Mirrored Truths Dress – I admit time has made my affection wane a bit for this one.  The tailored cut and bodice detail still look stunning, but the more I look at the simple, classic navy color, the more it starts seeming a bit…boring and staid.  Well perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but it’s not something I would wear regularly anyway.  I’m still keeping an eye out for it to go on sale, but I won’t be too crushed if I miss out on it.



Slanted Layers Tee, Inked Flora Skirt 

The Slanted Layers Tee hasn’t been bought yet, but it is just a matter of time!  As with the Bike Lane Dress, I’m just holding out for warmer weather to justify it as a full price purchase.  I really love the thick, comfy material and think the diagonal detailing is so interesting and flattering.  In fact, I think this one might actually fulfill my white blouse quest and knock the above Oblique Ruffle Tank right off my list!  The Inked Flora Skirt on the other hand — I’ve lost all interest.  I tried it on in the store, and it was just kind of…blah.  Plus the material was too shiny, and the skirt was unlined and a little too short too.  It’s on sale now, but I’ve decided to pass.



Cavendish Sweater Zoey Pullover

I actually bought the Cavendish Sweater when it first went on sale the other week, but ended up returning it shortly afterwards.  The colors are so pretty, and the material is soft, but I forgot how open-front cardigans do absolutely nothing for my figure — without a defined waist, it ended up looking a bit frumpy on me.  I could maybe wear it with jeans sometimes as a casual coverup, but I have other sweaters (even better cut open-front cardis) that I like better for that, so back it went.  The Zoey Pullover came home with me in the same sale haul, but I’m keeping it for now — hoping it to layer it under some sleeveless dresses to make them more weather appropriate.



Sheer Rover Scarf, Cross-Continent Weekender

I missed out on the Sheer Rover Scarf and I am so sad about it :/  Despite the abundance of post-printed themed items on the market these days, I still haven’t found a substitute that satisfies me.  If anyone sees this one in stores or gets tired of their own, just let me know!  My disappointment at losing out at the scarf made me a bit paranoid and I decided I really didn’t want to lose out on the similarly-themed Cross-Continent Weekender, so I hurriedly snapped it up at my local store, despite my mental block against buying at full price.  Somehow, the sale gods took pity on me and the bag went on sale within days, so I was happily able to get a price adjustment, hooray! (And I used the difference to buy the Embossed Basket Dress above, which made me slightly more amenable to the higher price…)

Well, that’s the current state of my Anthro wishes :)  What things have you been interested in from the brand lately?

kate spade new york friends & family sale
April 13, 2012, 10:48 am
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A few people asked me to post when kate spade friend’s & family sale started, and it has finally arrived!  Use code FFSPR12 for 25% off all items today and tomorrow.  I had full intentions to be good this year and only purchase one or two items, but some of the Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral items went on sale earlier this week, and I only have so much willpower folks.  Here are the things I scooped up:

trey sneakers

kate spade licorice

licorice pumps


floral scout

(via kate spade | necklaces for women - by the book elements of style long necklace)<br /><br />
while you don’t always have to live by the book, you certainly should when it comes to our elements of style necklace, crafted of gleaming gold-plated metal. tuck a sweet snapshot of someone special inside, so you’ll always have them nearby.</p><br />
<p>gold plated metal<br /><br />
32” length<br /><br />
available online and at select department stores<br /><br />
shiny 12-karat gold plated hardware<br /><br />
item comes pre-boxed<br /><br />
imported<br /><br />
style # wbru4021<br /><br />
$125<br /><br />
” /></p>
<p style=elements of style locket necklace 

pack your bags suitcase locket 


The printed sneakers were the only must-have item on my shopping list — the rest sort of jumped in my cart somehow.  Funny how items tend to do that :)  I am pretty dubious as to how flattering those pointy-toed Licorice pumps will look on my feet, so they might end up going back, but I just had to see.  I’ve wanted to get my hands on that book locket since September, but always thought it too pricey, but now that it’s less than $50,  another faux-book item was too much for me to pass up.  And this little suitcase locket will be the perfect keepsake to accessorize with when I travel to Europe later this month!

Did any of you get anything from the sale?  Please feel free to share!

Kate Spade April Wishlist
April 10, 2012, 1:57 pm
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Yay, kate spade new york’s new arrivals are finally up on the site!  April’s theme is pool parties, with lots of cool blue, white, and occasional punches of yellow, permeating the collection, and including lots of beach scenes and accessories, even debut pieces from a brand new swimwear line.  The pattern of the month is another beautiful one from Florence Broadhurst, her lovely curvy “fingers” print (which bears a striking resemblance to J.Crew’s fanfare print from earlier this season).  Here are some of my favorite items:


boatneck stripe tee - $128

I love striped shirts, and this ice blue version with three-quarter sleeves, a little knot at the shoulder, and a surpisingly-affordable-for-kate-spade price tag is right up my alley!


(via kate spade | beaded kati cardigan)

beaded kati cardigan – $298

Every few months, kate spade releases a new version of the kati sweater, in a new colorway and a new delightfully embellished neckline.  The stark white beading at the collar adds a bit of tropical flair and makes it perfect for summer.


katarina coat - $558

A pretty, easy blue smock-coat to throw on over spring outfits!  The inside lining features the fabulous Fingers pattern as well, which makes it extra special.

tretorn trey – $98

Speaking of the Fingers pattern, kate spade has released the tretorn sneakers in a blue colorway now, and they are so awesome.  I think I’ll pick up a pair of these at the Friends & Family sale coming up soon.


fingers doris dress - $358

And I actually think Broadhurst print actually seems to pop even more when rendered in bright red, which is why I love this patterned cotton day-dress.  The lack of a defined waist  makes me a tad nervous about the fit, but I still think this dress is so cheerful and summery , it’s one of the pieces I think I’m definitely going to try to save up for this summer.


striped netta dress - $268

 This is another adorable cotton day-dress, but *yikes* at the price.  ksny has impeccably constructed pieces and they always have great sales, so I generally forgive their high price points, but neither the print, material, or cut of this particular dress seems to be luxurious or complicated enough to warrant an almost $300 starting price tag!    I’ll be on the lookout for similar pieces from other retailers this summer.

pool party clutch – $278

Yet another amazing novelty purse from kate spade!  This time it’s a clutch with a printed water pattern that makes it really look like the gently rippling surface of a swimming pool, complete with a set of metal rungs at the clasp that gives the impression of a pool ladder descending downwards.


(via kate spade | cotton brittany dress)<br /><br /><br />
made of soft cotton and outfitted in a summery textured pattern, our patent-belted brittany dress makes a seamless transition through so many of the social events on your calendar. beautiful with flats for sunday brunch and breathtaking with a festive heel for an al-fresco fete.</p><br /><br />
<p>100%cotton<br /><br /><br />
v-neck; pleated skirt<br /><br /><br />
center back invisible zipper; come with white bow belt<br /><br /><br />
lace trim on interior hem<br /><br /><br />
100% cotton lining<br /><br /><br />
size 4 measures 38.75” from high point of shoulder<br /><br /><br />
imported<br /><br /><br />
style # njmu1761<br /><br /><br />
$378<br /><br /><br />
” /></p>
<p style=cotton brittany dress – $378

A gorgeous white cotton eyelet dress, which will be lovely to wear this summer by itself or paired with more colorful accessories.  (I also really love the bright sandals they styled this dress with and am eagerly awaiting their arrival on the site!)



hana dress - $398

A fun, mod-style shift with a eye-popping splash of yellow in the middle and adorable oversized-hip pockets.  With my figure, I know this piece won’t actually flatter me, but I encourage ladies with straighter bodies to go and try this one on!

kissing cockatoos bangle – $148

Absolutely adorable.  The perfect accessory for a tropical vacation.

cobble hill straw small leslie – $328

Love the mix of straw and leather in this purse — it’s casual and fun but still refined and put-together looking, perfect to carry one one’s arm this summer.


stretch cotton jillian - $358

The Jillian is my favorite ksny cut, what with the center bow and the artfully hidden front-pockets, and while I’ve enjoyed all the silk and patterned renditions, it’s nice to see it in a casual fabric and simpler colorway as well.


solar kristy dress - $478


wild card zahara dress – $498

kate spade has also released a few pieces from their pre-Fall collection on the site this month as well.  The two dresses above are my favorites, though sigh, the prices seem to be creeping up even further than before, don’t they? Fingers crossed that I can somehow snag the red and purple colorblocked one on super-duper sale sometime this Fall.

Well, those are all my favorites!  Feel free to share your own in the comments =)


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