Sunhats and Smiles
June 22, 2012, 7:57 am
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Anthropologie Mompos Dress, J.Crew Cashmere Femme Cardigan in Deep Coral,
kate spade new york Kellie Too Heels, Japanese Floral Scout, & Elements of Style locket, ASOS Hat


Last weekend, I fulfilled one of my longtime dreams when I had a chance to dine at The French Laundry.  A totally spectacular culinary experience.  This outfit is what I wore for my sunny day up in Napa, and to one of the best dinners of my life :)

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Beautiful outfit for a beautiful meal! Since FL is on my to-eat list, I will plan a trip out West as soon as I land a reservation! Now you need to come to New York for the Per Se experience :)

Comment by Usha

I would looooove to come to New York and eat at Per Se! :) Or just come to New York period — it’s been years!

Comment by goldenmeans

Lucky you! I’m longing to go there too. Love your color combination, as always, and did you see that your wishlisted KS Sonja dress got another cut today?

Comment by Patti

Thank you Patti! And yes, I saw, and immediately pounced :) Did you pick up anything exciting yourself?

Comment by goldenmeans

OMG I am so envious of your dinner excursion to the French Laundry! I LOVE your outfit. Perfect for such a remarkable occasion. Beautiful photos too!

Comment by jesspgh

:) Thank you so much Jess

Comment by goldenmeans

You look lovely! Are there any colors/combos you can’t wear? <3 And *love* the thick braid!

-_- Oh, and shame on you for putting that Sonja tennis ball dress back into my head. I just went and ordered one.

Comment by zyzzyva

Awww, thank you. And yay for the Sonja dress! (And I refuse to feel bad; as if you didn’t enable me enough yourself ;))

Comment by goldenmeans

Ooh, French Laundry, I’m jealous! Great outfit for it!

Comment by rachel

Thank you Rachel!

Comment by goldenmeans

Ummmm. i think the dress is too short and tight for look funny in it

Comment by ananda

Oh, sorry you feel that way. I felt pretty good in it.

Comment by goldenmeans

You would feel really good au natual as well.try that

Comment by ananda

You look super cute! since we are talking about eating, I found something you might like…
They are plates that look like open books! It is a restaurant supply company so you have to order a ton but maybe they are somewhere else!

Comment by royaltygirl (@royaltygirl)

Oh Sandee, those are *amazing*. Thank you so much for sharing; I *must* have these some day :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I love your sunhat and your shoes! So… sunny. xD I wish I lived somewhere with a better culinary scene, but I take what I can get when I visit the LA area. xD

Comment by Jyoti Sidhu (@vitaminJY)

how is that these black and white prints work with the pale blue embroideriness? They just do- I love it.

You know, the Mompos dress is one of those pieces that didn’t appeal to me at the time, but I have grown to love it and get a little happy every time I see someone wearing it. It’s so ridiculously cute and sunny, like it comes from a pretty world where everyone is happy and uncritical :)

Comment by thatdamngreendress

Jealous!!! :) You picked a fabulous, whimsical outfit for a special restaurant. Heading to the Inn at Little Washington (in Washington, VA!, not DC) next month for anniversary dinner. Add it to your list if you haven’t been yet….Thinking of wearing the yellow swirly Kate Spade dress, although have to admit it reminds me of Fruit Stripes gum. Oh, and thanks for clueing me in on the adorable Kate Spade camel belt; hoping that will go on sale.

Comment by Sassy

Oh you lucky ducky!! My husband and I have talked about going there for our 5 year anniversary- but that’s still 3 years away! I bet it was beyond delicious! I love your outfit here and I love how you styled your hair in a braid. My hair is finally long enough and I’ve been experimenting with braiding- yours is so beautiful and thick!

Comment by Tammy

Love your dress! Such a great Napa outfit ;)

Comment by Lauren

Such a pretty dress. Love the necklace too.

Comment by Camila Faria

Dar.Ling. And your waist looks *this* big. The hat is so cute on you. Congrats on getting to the French Laundry.

Comment by gigiofca

I think this dress is very flattering on you and I really love the “Elements of Style” necklace! I’m an English teacher–I’d really like to get it! Is it Kate Spade?

Comment by Megan

Oh wow just found your blog by chance (I was googling Bernie Dexter dresses haha and you came up in the search!) and I really love your style. I am insanely jealous of your dress collection :D Glad I found your blog!

Comment by Harlow

Hey! miss your blog updates! i think it’s your birthday soon! Happy birthday dear!

Comment by Min

Why thank you Min :) I am doing quite well, just insanely busy. I’ll pop in with a real update soon!

Comment by goldenmeans

YOUR bag is sooo cute! I love

Great blog and great styling!

Follow each other????
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Comment by janet

I miss you Anjali! I hope you’re doing OK!

Comment by Val

I’m doing great Val, thanks for checking in :) Haven’t had the heart to blog lately, but I’ll try to post an update at least soon…

Comment by goldenmeans

Miss your sweet style and posts! I hope that you are doing well :D

Comment by Sharon

Merry Christmas! Hope you come back soon; you’re like a pocket of sunshine and I miss your posts, Lovely xx

Comment by Jo

I miss your outfits! You gave me such awesome ideas. I hope you’re ok..are you coming back? :(

Comment by guest :)

I just found your blog and I love it! You have really great style, all of your outfits are terrific. You have me hunting for the Rose and Hortensia dress now. :)

Comment by Linnea

another dead blog.

Comment by Ellyn

I really miss your blogposts and your outfits. I hope that you will start blogging soon again. You are have an amazing taste and I think you have many people who miss you just as much as I do :(

Comment by Nina

This outfit is SERIOUSLY cute!

Comment by Kate

Hey Anjali! Just dropped by to let you know that your blog is seriously missed. Your style is always spot on!

Comment by austauschenLaura

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