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June 21, 2012, 11:46 am
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At the beginning of summer, I always start my hunt for a very special “birthday dress” to wear on my big day in August, and, along with a fancy special occasion dress, this year I’ve also been scouring for some lightweight, easy-to-wear cotton frocks to supplement my summer wardrobe.  Here are some of my favorites I’ve discovered so far:


J.Crew Stripe Derby Dress – $138

I’m always such a sucker for stripes, and the thin red and black pattern on this sundress is a little more interesting than the usual navy and white or black and white combinations.  And I love the little diagonal stripe trim at the waist, which adds a perfect little contrasting pop.


J.Crew Dizzy Anchors Dress – $168

Novelty prints are another weakness of mine, so it’s no wonder that I’m smitten with this anchor-covered dress, cut in a flirty a-line shape and made from a thin cotton that’s perfect for sweltering days.  It’s maybe a tad short for my tastes, but otherwise adorable enough that I’ll give it a pass.


Tracy Reese Digital Print Dress- $348

Loving the lush colors and dramatic, oversized floral print of Tracy Reese Dress.  It comes replete with pockets and a delightfully Victorian-esque row of buttons down the bodice.


BHLDN Garlands of Lace Dress – $180

This lace maxi dress from Anna Sui’s resort collection is so feminine and dreamy, and it’s on sale for a total steal of a price.  It’s already mostly sold out, but intermittently keeps popping back in new sizes.


Modcloth Strolling Through Sunday Dress – $109.99

This dress by Knitted Dove (helmed by a former Anthropologie designer!) is a visual scoop of neapolitan ice cream.  I can’t decide if it’s maybe a *little* too saccharine with me, what with all that pink (never my favorite shade to wear), but you can’t deny how adorable it is.


kate spade selita dress – $578

Oh kate spade.  This red lace dress is *amazing,* but you are killing me with that price.


kate spade sonja dress – $226

This tennis-ball covered dress went on sale earlier this month, but, while completely adorable and flattering, when I tried it on in person I discovered the material was a little thin; I know kate spade’s sale cycles well enough to know it’s going to get a further markdown, so I’m waiting patiently for a fairer price.  But when that second cut happens, I plan to pounce immediately.  Too cute.


dorothy perkins turquoise/pink midi dress – $69

My love for novelty prints rears its head again with this quirky flaming-print dress, which I haven’t been able to get out of my mind since I saw it on the lovely British Anthropologiest.  It’s already winging its way over to me, and I hope I can look half as fantastic as her in it!


Anthropologie Scalloped Stripes Dress – $128

While Anthro’s designs generally continue to stray alarmingly further and further from the mark, once in a while there’s still a total home-run for me.  This dress is one of those.  It has adorable stripes that are made from little pieces of scalloped ric rac, so there’s a lot more visual interest than a normal striped pattern.  Plus it comes in comfy comfy jersey and is pullover style — no annoying zippers to fuss with.  It comes in white and navy, but I love this red/white version I spotted online even more (though annoyingly it only comes in petites currently, and this dress is already verging on a bit short on me…).


Anthropologie Mariposa Lace Dress – $248

Last but not least is this lovely by Tracy Reese, which I’ve already drooled over at length in my last Anthro wishlist post.  So incredibly gorgeous, with the lace and the slight sparkle to the material, it feels like a fairy princess dress to me.  Think this be my top choice at the moment for my birthday dress :)


Any favorite summer dress of yours lately?  Feel free to share!

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Do you mind sharing what size you took in the KS Sonja dress? I’m waiting for second cut as well but I couldn’t find it in the store to try on.

Comment by WHD

Hi WHD — I took a 10, which is my usual size in KS dresses these days (though sometimes I go one up or down depending on the cut). Fits pretty TTS, if maybe a smidge small through the bust. Good luck! It really is an adorable dress.

Comment by goldenmeans

These are great picks! I love the flamingo dress, Dorothy Perkins make such fun dresses. I just bought the scalloped stripes dress in navy and white, but am loving the red version. I might just have to have both. I agree, it is one of the cutest things that Anthropologie has released in a while!

Comment by Alison

Isn’t it awesome? And at a (relatively) reasonable price too! I’m envious of you with your navy/white version already! :)

Comment by goldenmeans

Ah Anjali, I just tried on the J Crew Stripe Derby dress on Tuesday and am IN LOVE! I don’t know why, but from far away (on the mannequin), I thought it was silk, but it isn’t. It still looks like an extremely high quality piece. I think I’ll be buying it in the next couple of weeks. I don’t know if it if quite special enough for a birthday dress though. Personally, I think that the Mariposa dress would make a perfect birthday dress for you!

Comment by Lauren

Yes, it’s a linen/cotton blend! I was shocked too; I initially dismissed it because past variations of this dress have been silk and I thought it would be toofussy for summer, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this one in person. SO CUTE. I will be getting it at some point for sure!

Comment by goldenmeans

Hi Anjali, They are great dresses. The mariposa dress would be a perfect birthday dress:)
I’ve not been able to get that flamingo dress out of my mind since seeing it on the British Anthropologiest. However my size is sold out online:( I was just wondering if you know if they run large? (I’m hoping I can size down and get it!). Wish we had all these stores in Australia so I can try them on before buying:(

All the best with you dress hunting for the big day!

Comment by Serina

Hi Serina! My flamingo dress arrived a little earlier — I do indeed think it runs a little big; I ordered a size up, but I think it might be 1-2 sizes too big for me! I can still make it work, but if it were available in the size I needed still I would exchange it. So I think possibly the smaller size would end up working for you if you are willing to take a chance!

Comment by goldenmeans

Anjali, would you mind sharing what size your ordered the flamingo dress in? I’m contemplating buying it, but am so confused with sizing!

Comment by Alison

As much as I love reading your blog, it certainly is dangerous! ;)

That Neapolitan-hued Strolling Through Sunday dress is a dream! I agree that pink can be difficult (I find fuchsia much easier to wear/style), but I think due to the brown it’ll transition nicely into Fall. (and I refuse to believe it’s too similar to my Talbots rose dress! Refuse, I tell you! ;)

Looks like my recent first Modcloth dress won’t be my last! (Very belated Christmas gift from the boyfriend [I got to pick, but took me forever to choose!]: Eva Franco’s Frames and Fortune Dress Buddy Holly Forever!)

Also love the red striped Anthro dress. Saw the white/navy version last weekend and loved the cut, but felt the color scheme lacking. Now I wish I’d at least tried it on so I can wait with bated breath for the Red to hit online! I may be short, but often find Petite sizing too small in the bust (and 35.5″ is already plenty short!).

As for other wishlisted items, I’m intrigued by the simple Cerulean Stripes Shift. I love unrestricted waists in the Summer and it’s always nice to have my shoulders covered for extra sun protection.

Jess from Consume or Consumed totally convinced me to buy the deeply discounted J.Crew Maritime Anchor dress. I love my wide-striped black & cream Maritime in the colder months, so I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it’s navy counterpart. Perfect for lounging. I may even machine wash it! Gasp!

Just looked back and realized all but one of the above dresses are striped! O_o What has come over me? I guess I really have fulfilled my polka-dot quota…

I lie.
I also have my eye on Anthro’s Polka-Dotted Mini dress: With such negative reviews (what? large bust in relation to narrower sleeves? that’s me!), I hope it hits second cut!

Comment by zyzzyva

Oh yay, thanks for sharing your shopping picks and buys, I always enjoy it :) And HOORAY for getting the Frames & Fortune Dress! I have it and love it :) :) And haha, there is nothing wrong with a little stripe-love. And a little polka-dot love too! The Polka-Dotted Mini is so freaking cute, so if it is actually cut for your body, then my all means, you *have* to get it :) (And you’re right, with those reviews, you’ll probably get it at a steal too!)

Comment by goldenmeans

Just wanted to stop in and say I ordered the red Anthro dress when the regular sizes popped up. It is adorable and very comfy (has a thin stretchy lining), but the scalloped stripes aren’t white, they’re beige/tan. Sorta disappointing, but it’s still a cute dress. I got a medium and it fits nicely (less va-va-voom with an unlined bra, KWIM?), but I think could’ve easily taken a large for a smidge more length.

Also, thanks for your sizing tip on the KS tennis ball dress. My usual 8 would’ve been too tight throughout the bodice.

Comment by zyzzyva

mmmm…I love that special thrill of finding the perfectly simple summer dress- I really like the colour and stripes on the J Crew piece. For a birthday dress, all my many votes go to the Mariposa!!

And I finally tracked down a long-loved compeer dress, so I don`t have to cry too much over the inaccessible Kate Spade (though I wish the orange was a little brighter on the compeer!)

Comment by thatdamngreendress

:) Yay for the Compeer! It’s been too long since I’ve worn mine; I should pull it out sometime soon!

Comment by goldenmeans

Do you have a kate spade outlet anywhere near you? I’m pretty sure that I saw that green kate spade dress at an outlet recently for a great price.

Comment by Kelly

Oh, wow, really!? Thanks for letting me know! Do you remember how much was it priced at? There is no kate spade outlet remotely near me (sob, sigh), but I hear the stores will ship things to you if you call them….

Comment by goldenmeans

I can’t remember what the prices were…I know I saw the green wrap dress, and I’m pretty sure this one, too. They were doing an extra 50% off which might still be going on, so it’s definitely worth giving the Camarillo location a call. FWIW, I bought a skirt for $98 (still on sale right now at kate spade for $180), but I also bought the dress for $133 (online it’s $189), so I think your savings are likely to be between $60-90 off what they have listed as the sale price on the website. I would definitely give them a call and just inquire to see if they have it and what the price is on it. All of the women that worked there were really friendly and helpful and I’m sure they’ll be just as accommodating over the phone :)

I was really excited to see so many current items in the outlet. Only bummer for me is that I tried on the Sweeney dress and realized that the 12 was too big, so I grabbed the 10 but foolishly did not check to see how that one would fit, so now I have a dress that’s still too big in the shoulders for my frame. I live about a 1.5 hr drive away and I’m not even sure if they’ll return it since it was so steeply marked down what with the extra 50% off sale they were doing. GRRR.

Comment by Kelly

Oh, one last thing to keep in mind is they had very limited sizing for most of the items (I don’t think I saw more than 4-5 articles of clothing of each style). Just something to keep in mind.

Comment by Kelly

I love the Kate Spade dress so, so much. Her clothes always look so polished but I guess it comes at a price. Any summer shoe picks? I haven’t found a lot of summer shoes this year that have inspired me.

Comment by terilynn13

:) Isn’t it great? It just went on sale further because of the 25% off sale promotion running right now…getting it in a few, just as soon as I can force myself to clean up the $900 of other stuff that also somehow snuck into my cart!

I have a few shoes that I’ve acquired this summer (have been trying to beef up my colored sandal wardrobe), and a few more I have my sights on — I can do a post on them if you’re really interested!

Comment by goldenmeans

Anjali, I swear. Everytime you lament the cost of something…it goes on sale / further sale. Just got an email from Kate spade about an extra 25% off sale!

Comment by Lauren

:) I was thrilled when I saw that! Tennis ball dress, you are mine!

Comment by goldenmeans

I looooove that Tracy Reese dress so much. I think any of these would be beautiful birthday dress options!!

Comment by roxyturtle

Isn’t it awesome? My second in contention for a birthday dress =)

Comment by goldenmeans

I love the KS tennis ball dress. Have been looking everywhere for a size 8. Any ideas????

Comment by JW

Oh, it was in stock in all sizes on Friday, is it already sold out online? I would call up Kate Spade customer service and ask them to do a store search for you, and then you can get the store to sell and ship to you directly.

Comment by goldenmeans

Hi Anjali all of your picks are gorgeous and I am so excited you were able to snag the tennis ball dress! I was just curious since I don’t have a Kate Spade store anywhere near me would it be at all possible to get a review of the Mele Dress in purple?,default,pd.html?dwvar_NJMU1875-1_color=524&start=38&cgid=new-arrivals

I think it’s the type of dress I can wait for sale but i’m not sure about sizing! Thanks!!

Comment by Marie

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