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June 15, 2012, 4:04 pm
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Took a brief trip to Vegas a few weekends ago, and I couldn’t think of a better excuse to use one of the new kate spade suitcases which I was lucky enough to score for a total steal at the last sample sale. (Original price of $1295 and $828?  Not happening. 80% off that?  A little more doable!)  The suitcases are gorgeous and extremely well made, if hilarious impractical to carry — there are no wheels, so about three minutes into my journey I thought my arm was going to fall off!  But apart from the unexpected upper-body workout, it did make the whole experience of packing and travelling a little bit old-fashioned, glamorous, and fun — I felt oh-so stylish toting the thing around amongst a sea of black Samsonites :)


I subscribe to the roll-pack method of travelling :)  Because I don’t particularly like gambling or clubbing (Vegas is all about the shopping and fine dining for me), there was no glitter or sequins in my suitcase, just shorts, a swimsuit, two light cardigans, and my three favorite summer dresses.  Some other things I brought along….


Another kate spade sample sale score — this Chanel-esque quilted pouch to tuck my toiletries and jewelry into (and which doubled as a clutch at night.)


My new go-to footwear, these J.Crew Patent Sydney Sandals in dusty clay.


This floppy, polka dotted hat I got last summer from ASOS.


And the last thing I swooped up at the kate spade sample sale — their Japanese Floral Scout bag.  I bought it at the Friends & Family sale but forced myself to return as I deemed it a little too expensive still; happily, my patience and frugality won the day, as it meant I eventually got it for around $100 cheaper.    It was maybe a little ridiculous to have carried a matching bag and suitcase around together, but (much to Michael Kors’ horror I’m sure) I love matchy-matchiness, and I’m a huge fan of this Florence Broadhurst pattern, so I went with it!


One of the many neat details about the piece  – a cheerful label that brought a smile to my face every time I opened the suitcase :)

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Well I don’t think it’s ridiculous to carry a matching bag and suitcase :) And certainly not when it’s such an amazing print! But did you *gasp* put your beautiful suitcase on a plane?!?

Comment by Tea

:) This one was small enough to come on board with me; no way I was checking it in and letting baggage handlers have their way with it!

Comment by goldenmeans

Oh I am genuinely relieved! :) These suitcase are far too pretty to travel in the hold! And while they make beautiful storage trunks, it’s so lovely that you did actually get to use it as a suitcase. I’m thinking they’d be perfect for a very glamorous road trip :)

Comment by Tea

Beautiful suitcase! However, was it a KS suitcase or another brand that you talked about a few months ago re: not really being made well enough to travel? Do you remember?

Comment by Victoria

Yup, these are one and the same! I was highly dubious when I ordered them because of the sudden name change (from “suitcase” to “storage trunk”) and the warning that they weren’t made for travel, but I figured I could give them a try since the price was so low, and at the very least, I could actually use them as storage trunks (and I do actually need some storage containers since my closet is fairly small now and I need to rotate my winter/summer wardrobes).

So I was not expecting much, but thankfully they actually are beautifully crafted and made with high-quality materials. However, I can’t say how well they would stand up to a beating through airport baggage holds as I’ve only handled them gently (and I’m a bit nervous to actually put them to the test!) The main trouble I experienced was the lack of wheels that I mentioned in the post — without them, they are super unwieldy to carry long distances! I got tired quickly carrying the smaller sized one, so I don’t know how I would manage for long with the larger…I think that one might have to be used for very short/driving trips or just as a container or decoration piece, but I’m okay with that for now I guess =)

Comment by goldenmeans

Ah, thanks!

Comment by Victoria

Your suitcase is gorgeous– Nothing is better than a quirky Kate Spade print. I’m glad it survived the trip. How cute would it be to take on a long train ride?

Comment by Linda

You are an inspiration to us all!

Comment by royaltygirl (@royaltygirl)

I’m so, so happy that someone I “know” picked up this suitcase. I wanted to pick it up, but let my better judgement rule. Shame on me!

Comment by Jessica

I looove these suitcases! So chic for a weekend trip, practicality be damned. :)

Comment by rachel

OMG, you are such a neat packer- my bags are a mess and yours are so picture perfect.:))

Comment by Slastena

A big ol’ pffft to Michael Kors. I have lifetime tickets for the Matchy-Matchy Express. And this is the perfect luggage for traveling on it! :D

So gorgeous! I received my train case and it is so lovely. And heavy! I had hoped to use it occasionally as a handbag (worn with my KS Cameo dress and Pierce Jacket, both in Japanese Floral, of course ;), but it is too heavy [empty] and bulky for that. I’ll be using it as vanity-top storage, I suppose. Utmost frivolity, obviously, but makes me smile when I see it.

Comment by zyzzyva

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