June Anthropologie Wishlist and Some Grumblings
June 6, 2012, 9:04 am
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Only two items I loved from this month’s Anthropologie roll-out, but fortunately, I really like both of them enough to be worth a wishlist full of ten items :)


Mariposa Lace Dress – #24862310 - $248

Tracy Reese always makes the prettiest party dresses, no?  The cut of this one is very similar to the Spinning Lace dress a few years back, but done up in a beautiful rose netted lace.  I tried this one on with the Jeweled Skinny Belt in store, and it was amazing.


Cut Lace Carryall – #24755647 - $198

This tote is made out of leather, but laser-cut in a beautiful pattern that gives the illusion of lace.  The bag is large enough to be functional, but still feminine and gorgeous.  (And, for those squeamish about white handbags, it also comes in black!)


On other positive notes, though their catalogs generally continue to confuse me, I did actually buy some things from Anthropologie this week, for the first time since the beginning of April.  The sale this week was huge and far more exciting than last month’s supposedly thrilling “tag sale” (which have perpetually disappointed these last four years, except on the rare occasions they offer percentages off).  I happily picked up a few things I knew I wanted from my wishlist (the Porthole Chemise and the Mineral Mesh Chemise), and because of the temporary free shipping (yay!), took a chance on a few Made In Kind pieces (the Photogarden Flared Dress and the Annike Sleeveless Dress) as well.  And then, in a fit of craziness spurred on my free shipping, actually ordered some full price items.  This is the most business Anthro has gotten out of me in 6 months!

On the other hand, here is a big negative note:


Polka-Dotted Dress by Hi There from Karen Walker - #24955833 - $168

Negative, you say?  Why, it looks cute enough, and who can hate on polka dots?  Why yes, it is super cute, and I thought so the first time I saw it.  On kate spade’s website.  Last year.


kate spade polka-dot natalia dress

The similarities on this one are too uncanny to make it just a cooincidence.  The shape and silhouette, the polka-dot pattern, the skinny black belt, the ruffled collar and bodice, the keyhole at the neckline — this dress is practically identical.  The only differences?  The kate spade dress has a patent belt instead of matte leather, the button at the keyhole is black instead of cloth-covered, the neckline is maybe a little rounder, and unlike the Karen Walker dress, it’s not made out of polyester, but pure silk.   Also, there was a price difference, sure — there has to be with the difference in materials — but I actually bought kate spade’s dress (you can see me in it here) on sale for $140 last summer, cheaper than what Anthro’s piece is going for right now.  So boo on you Anthropologie.  I’ve seen Anthro do heavily inspired pieces before, so it’s not like the concept of them knocking things off is new to me, but this is a near exact copy, and worse, it’s a copy in their much touted “Made In Kind” collection, where they supposedly collaborate with designers for unique, creative, limited-edition pieces. Karen Walker was their originally announced, headline collaborator, and her pieces were supposed to be lower-priced versions of items from her own line.  Unless Karen Walker was a secret in-house designer for kate spade new york (is this actually a possibility?), this doesn’t really appear to be her own work at all.  Tsk tsk.  I’m not really positive who is at fault here (is it Karen Walker?  Anthropologie?  Did kate spade knock someone else off in the first place?), but I feel like at the very least Anthropologie could have curated this high-profile collection better to make sure it was filled with only original and innovative pieces.

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Glad I wasn’t the only one seeing double. I realize they’re round versus ikat dots in an irregular pattern, but the dresses are practically identical! As you said, especially for the Made in Kind collection…

The Cut Lace Carryall is so you! Gorgeous.

I’ve added a couple things to my wishlist:

Waypoint Ponte Dress
Not sure of the fit (looks to be too long again and possibly too hippy?), but I think it’ll be a nice Spring/Summer version of my J.Crew black & ivory Maritime dress ( which was on heavy rotation this past winter.

Indigo Shoal Asymmetric Dress
Much as I hate “mullet dresses,” the fish print on this is stunning! I just can’t get over it. I wish it was used like a border print on a usual full-skirted sundress, but oh, well. Seeing how the print falls, I could hem the back so the length disparity is less extreme…

Sakura Dot Wrap Dress
This one’s a maybe. I like the print a lot, but it’s polyester (though I’ve broken this rule of mine a few times recently) and it may be too ruffle-y on, especially those sleeve flounces.
But I’m more interested in that star necklace the model’s wearing. Very cute. The puffy-ness reminds me of Rainbow Brite.
*edit: Swelled Cosmos Necklace
Gah! So expensive! But it also comes in rose-gold pink!

I’m getting awfully tired of the limited time free shipping Anthro’s been teasing us with. It’s summer! Give us free shipping till October!
I may succumb and order the Crysanth T-straps, even though they’re still full price. Just to try the sizing. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ;) Only which color…?

Comment by zyzzyva

Always enjoy hearing your picks zyzzyva! (And I totally owe you an email btw, sorry, perpetually disorganized…soon!). I really really love the print on the Indigo Shoal Dress too, but more than even the mullet-y cut, the back is a deal-breaker for me, I just can’t get away without a bra in dresses like that. I thought the Sakura Dress had a lovely pattern, but all the ruffles, the wrap style, and those sleeves almost made it seem a little overwhelming. But I did take notice of that lovely star necklace in the model photo when I was looking at it! It wasn’t on the site then, so thank you for alerting me to it :) Star motifs are my ultimate weakness! And hrmmm…on the Crysanth T-Straps (♥ Chie!), you know I’m going to tell you to go for the green, my favorite color :)

Comment by goldenmeans

Haha, no worries on the email. Was actually thinking about writing you again, since my KS Cameo dress/s arrived. Disaster strikes! Poor quality zippers! O_o;

I know what you mean about backless/cut-out-backs… If I end up getting this one, though, I’d planned to add a panel behind the white strips to hide my bra. Probably in a blue to match the fishies. :)

The Crysanth T-straps totally remind me of Chie, but thankfully they’re by To Be, so the price is much more do-able. I may order both colors to see what goes better with my wardrobe in person. Those tertiary colors are so hard to pin down online…

Comment by zyzzyva

I just bought the Tracy Reese dress and LOVE it. It had only been in my store for about a week, and they are already running out of sizes! Fortunately, I don’t think the size they run out of would have worked anyways.

Comment by renee

I believe it! That dress is so gorgeous. They didn’t have my size at the store I visited last week when I was on vacation, but my local store had it thank goodness :) I am tempted to get it, but trying to be good…for now, anyway. I think this one has good birthday dress potential! Hope you enjoy wearing it, and let me know what you pair it with =)

Comment by goldenmeans

I also noticed the blatant knocking off of the Kate Spade Natalia dress. It is uncanny how similar they look!! And to charge $168 for polyester is ridiculous.

I love your new wishlist picks!

Comment by jesspgh

Yeah, pretty crazy and disappointing! I noticed the similarities back in January when they released the first collection pictures, but I was hoping it just accidentally got included or something and wouldn’t make it into the full collection. Oh well.

Comment by goldenmeans

I purchased the Mariposa lace dress. It was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store, and, not to be dramatic, was captivated immediately. I was especially awed since I didn’t see it on the website (I kind of stalk it), and found out it wasn’t absolutely anywhere in stores except for the one I was in, which is a very high volume one. So I caved and bought it. It is so ethereal in its beauty, and the shade of rose is perfect. The only thing I’m a tad unsure about is the poofiness of the skirt, but I think with the right belt and other accessories, it can be balanced out. I tried it on with the Precise Bow belt in gold when I got home. In store it was paired with the Pretzel twist belt, which actually looked really good! It made it into a more casual option :) Wow, enough of my babble about the dress. Point is, get it before it becomes an antique like its cousin the Spinning lace dress (can never find it under like $7363925849).

Comment by guest :)

Oh, thank you for sharing :) I hope you love the dress, and you are verrrrrry persuasive in convincing me to get it soon as well! You are right, I totally regret not getting that Spinning Lace! I’m always stalking it on eBay, and the prices are so painful (I literally LOLed though at the figure you quoted ;)).

Comment by goldenmeans

Horrible about the Kate Spade knock off. Ver disappointing. I am in LOVE with both of your items, but especially the Cut Lace Carryall. The white does make me squeamish, but it’s definitely love.

The Mariposa dress is beautiful………

Comment by Bronzi

:) Aren’t they pretty? I think they could even be carried together for a pretty daytime look =)

Comment by goldenmeans

Your pics are so feminine, love all of them!

Comment by Slastena

The mariposa dress is totally classic- a gorgeous unique colour too! In fact I feel like there is still a lot of pretty at anthro, but the catalogues just aren’t featuring it!

Comment by thatdamngreendress

Agreed there is still a lot of pretty. You have to look and who makes those catalogue decisions? With few exceptions they put the “bad” stuff and only one or two of the really stunning things like this dress and purse. The Oleander dress is a winner though :)). Black sold out in many sizes online, but my store got both colors today in all sizes. Well made and lives up to the stellar reviews.

Comment by bronzi

I also purchased the mariposa dress and I love the vintage feel of it (I also own the spinning lace dress!). A MUST HAVE :)

Comment by Sammie

Hooray, so many people are getting this dress :) Envious of your Spinning Lace Dress, and I might just have to jump on the bandwagon here too so I don’t get left behind like last time!

Comment by goldenmeans

Oh wow, I had not made the connection between the KS dress and Anthro’s but now seeing them both in your post it’s jaw-dropping. Very lame!

Comment by roxyturtle

Pretty lame; the only differences seem to be in execution (with Anthro coming out on the bottom :/).

Comment by goldenmeans

I love your picks! Very cute. I also noticed the knock-off dress, too. It bugged me.

Also, I got those kate spade reena sandals in the mail the other day….and they’re AMAZING.

Comment by Kelly

Hooray! So glad to hear they worked out for you :) I was seriously considered ordering a pair myself, but I’ve gone a bit shoe-crazy this month and have had to restrain myself. Hope you have lots of fun wearing them this summer!

Comment by goldenmeans

Ohhhh…I had no idea about the Polka-Dotted Dress. It was the only dress that caught my eye, and so sad to hear it’s just a polyester knockoff of a Kate Spade dress! :( But thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Comment by rachel

I also fell in love with the Karen Walker dress and felt I had seen it before. Thank you for confirming I am not crazy! I still don’t understand all the polyester in “high end” collaborations. It makes sense at Target and H&M, but I shop at Anthro looking for quality pieces. All the synthetics make me sad.

Comment by Anthro Blogger

Yup, it’s sad. I ordered one piece from the Karen Walker collection with free shipping last week, and though it’s nicer-end polyester, it’s still polyester, and I could feel my skin twitch a little bit when I put it on. A little disappointing. I would have been happy to take the same dress rendered in cotton or something if not silk.

Comment by goldenmeans

I’m starting to think Anthro is a knock-off shop who has built an incredible illusion of being something better than it is through savvy marketing. Their Over and Under dress is a dupe of a Max Studio dress that I own and bought last year (for a whopping $17 on clearance). I think Anthro has pretty clothes, but their frills are not worth what they are charging, especially since they are duplicating styles that are over a year old from other brands. Women are buying hype with a polyester label for $200. smh

Comment by Gigi

Oh I had no idea that the Over & Under was a copy too! To be fair, that’s probably more Bailey 44′s fault (since it’s not an Anthropologie house brand), but still disappointing to hear. I was already a bit disappointed in the execution of that dress (material, drape, length, etc.) and that just makes it even worse!

Comment by goldenmeans

Hi Anjali,
I read your comment about the KS Cameo dress, is that the Japanese flower Cameo dress? I was so glad to get this dress on sale in my usual size (12), but when I got it, it fits like a size 8 on me. There is no alteration that could work. I have a KS dress size 10, so I wasn’t expecting this one to be so small. Do you have any idea of where I could still find a size 14? I went to my local KS, but they said it’s sold out. I bought mine on Gilt and they didn’t have a 14 in their sale. It’s so hard to let it go, what a pretty dress!
I noticed that the dress sold on Gilt has a cheap plastic zipper on the side and the one that was sold directly on KS website has a exposed metal zipper on the back. I didn’t like that, but I’d be so glad to have one with any kind of zipper in a 14!

Comment by Marcela

I was the one above complaining about the poor zippers on the KS Cameo dresses (also bought from Gilt). I nearly always wear an 8 at KS and found the 8 very snug in the bust. That dress is cut so flat! Because the 8′s zipper was faulty and couldn’t zip up past the waist, I ended up keeping the 10 (still flattens my bust, but at least adds some length…).

You could try calling one of the outlets stores and having them do a search for you. I’ve had luck with that in the past and the employees are usually very nice. :)

I’m fairly certain the gold zipper pictured on KS’s website was on a sample dress. I think I remember the product description contradicting it and describing an invisible side zipper. This happens a lot with KS items. I recall the green, white, and navy wide-striped full skirt that pictured welt pockets in the front pleats, but the skirt that went into production had side seam pockets. Also, buttons are often different from pictured. Very annoying.
I definitely would’ve preferred a metal back zip. Usually better quality and also makes for easier alterations, if need be.

Comment by zyzzyva

I noticed the dress disappeared from the KS website. One day there were only 3 sizes sold out and the next day the page was completely gone! I stopped by KS, but they didn’t find a 14 anywhere. They said this one was online only. The other option is Zappos, where there is a size 6 available and they allow us to leave an email, in case the size we’re looking for becomes available. I went to the post office and shipped my KS size 12 back to Gilt. Hope someone will be happy to get it. I am soooo sad!

Comment by Marcela

Aw, Marcela, sorry to hear you had troubles with the dress! I didn’t even bother to try it on, but I could tell that it was cut super slim in the bust (seems to be a new trend for Kate Spade dresses — noticed this with the Adelle, Selita, and the Zahara as well…). If the dress disappears all of a sudden despite being almost fully in stock right before, it usually means that Kate Spade is pulling it to their outlet stores. (I’ve noticed this tons of times; it’s so frustrating!) It will either show up at the next sample sale, or you can call customer service and ask for a list of outlets that have it. The outlets usually ship directly to you. Good luck!!

Comment by goldenmeans

I was actually shocked by the similarity between another Hi There from Karen Walker, the Seneca Scoopneck Dress. I bought an almost identical navy polka dot dress with strawberries and cherries from Urban Outfitters about three years ago. The cut appears to be almost identical. I showed everyone in my family the Seneca Scoopneck Dress and and everyone was like it looks just like your Urban dress. I thought it was funny that this Seneca dress was supposedly a designer dress, but instead it was just a higher priced version of an Urban Outfitters dress purchased for about $68.

Comment by laura

Thanks for commenting Laura. That’s so disappointing to hear! This collection was a supposed to be an exciting designer collaboration, not a cannibalization of (others’) past designs. I wonder how much of the collection is actually Karen Walker designed/influenced? I remember when I went to look at her runway shows for the past few seasons, I didn’t see much that directly related to the Anthropologie collection preview, but I thought maybe I was just missing something. Now I am a little more dubious :/

Comment by goldenmeans

Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after
going through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back

Comment by

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