Stripes For All Seasons
May 31, 2012, 11:26 am
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Anthropologie Decade-by-Decade Skirt, Bloomingdales Cardigan, Born Bittersweet Booties, Met Museum Necklace


Throwing one more OOTD at you until I get back up to speed; this time an entirely unseasonal one since this is another set of photos from back in March, sorry!  This is basically a winter version of this outfit from last summer.  I love tan stripes paired with the tan florals on this skirt, so I figured, if it ain’t broke, why fix it, and just swapped out the shirt for a similar looking cashmere sweater.  The booties I admit are not my usual style of footwear; I’ve kind of avoided jumping on the bootie band-wagon for the last few years just because I feel like they make even the longest legs look stumpy.   However, I just couldn’t resist this version by Born from last fall.  These probably also make my legs look stumpy too to some extent (and my skirt length probably wasn’t helping here), but I love the vintage-y look these have, replete with sweet details like velvet laces.  They feel so quaint and feminine!  Each step I take in these makes me feel a bit special and delighted somehow.  Special, delighted, and stumpy :)



A reader asked me about my nails in the last post and if I could post a tutorial; I have a similar manicure here, just done in a lighter shade of green.  There are tons of half-moon manicure tutorials out there on the internet, done better than I could probably ever hope to, so I thought I would just link you to the one I used for now, this easy-to-follow guide from The Beauty Department (the basic gist: use binder re-inforcers as guides for the curves).  I used China Glaze’s Starboard in my last post for the bright green, and here I’m wearing OPI’s Thanks a Windmillion.  Orly Luxe was the gold for both manicures.  Though I’m usually a sucker for brights, I actually liked the mint-y version a little better — the color was a bit more forgiving of mistakes, and was neutral enough to make me feel comfortable wearing it for a whole week at a time!

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Hi Anajali, Loved the outfit, nails and most of all the “Ohm” ring!

Comment by Camilla

This is one of my favorite skirts on you. Such a pretty color! Love the nails:)

Comment by Kristin

Oooookay – I know what I’m doing with my nails for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations now!
Bitterly regret not having gotten that skirt now, looks gorgeous on you.

Comment by British Anthropologiest

That’s a very cute skirt! And I LOVE your nails!
Jenny L.

Comment by Jenny L.

thanks for the link! You do lovely in your photos and I have to say I love your ring as well.

Comment by Olya

I love this skirt so much, and feel so sad I missed out on it. It looks amazing on you!

Comment by Anthro Blogger

Those booties make your feet look so elegant and dainty. I think the higher ankle really helps to avoid the “stumpification” of one’s legs.

I always admire outfits which utilize tan stripes as a neutral in pattern matching, yet never remember to hunt some down for myself when shopping. I’m like a magpie, always gravitating towards the bright and shinys…
I recently bought a light grey striped crew-neck pullover cotton sweater from J.Crew (well, I bought it for the boyfriend, but it was too snug/short for his liking). It’s a bit more slouchy than I’m used to, but have been enjoying throwing it on over some skirts. Sure, my waist is hidden like I’d anticipated, but I think I’ll find the right balance.

Comment by zyzzyva

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