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May 27, 2012, 3:18 pm
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Kate Spade’s pattern of the month for May is Tahitian Florals, which means lots of red, fuschia, and purple, floral and safari prints and motifs (including a hilarious armadillo bag), and, for some reason or the other, a fair amount of colorblocking too.  Here were some of my favorite items:


selita dress – $578

This red lace overlay dress is so pretty it hurts.  It reminds me quite a bit of Anthropologie’s Compeer Dress from 2010, which I have and love, but even more feminine and delicate (and even recalls this beautiful Erdem dress from the Spring 2011 runway).  Unfortunately, the price is so high that it also hurts, in a less good way.  I feel like kate spade slowly having their prices creep up, just to test us, and I am not happy about it.  Oh well, maybe on double sale?


zebra jillian dress – $438

Animal prints are a little outside my wheelhouse, but I do love the Jillian cut, and somehow this wild zebra-printed number (made entirely out of linen, for hot summer days) just speaks to me.




camel belt - $98

I’m always a sucker for kate spade’s novelty buckle belts, and this little camel would offset some of kate spade’s other animal print pieces very nicely.


gold coast jules – $178

I really like some of the deep purple quilted handbags on the site right now, but I already fulfilled my need for a purple bag when I scored one of my most longstanding wishlist items, the purple studded Valentino Maison, on eBay for a reasonable(ish) price last year (hooray!).  But this pretty quilted wallet sure would make a nice matching accessory to go inside it…

reena sandals – $298

Uncharacteristically, I only liked a few clothing pieces from this month’s new arrivals, but I loved many of the shoes.  These Reena sandals (which come in the above purple/red/nude combination, and also in black and white) caught my eye first since all the models showing off the new skirts and dresses this past month have been wearing them and they’ve added a bit of exciting oomph to every outfit.  Both colors sold out quickly, but they’ve just been restocked, so grab a pair while you can!

kap heels – $328

I love a good cap-toe shoe!  These are kate spade’s new version of last winter’s kap heels that came in white linen and black patent.  I *adored* those shoes, and I anxiously waited for them to show up online, annnnytime, and they never did.  They were only sold in stores, and sadly, stores only offer up to size 10, and I needed a 10.5, sigh.  Fortunately, they’re back this year, in a slightly more wearable (or at least less stain-prone) black and gray printed leather version.  No way I’m letting them get by me this time!

kimmy wedges – $298

Another lovely cap-toe option, these wedge heels, decked out in a lovely brown and black neutral color scheme.

fella sandals – $298

Lastly, these lovely blue floral sandals which I dug up in the site’s bridal section.  Gorgeous.  I can see why they were in the wedding section (what a perfect “something blue” for a bride!), but I think they would make a beautiful, bold accent with any outfit this spring and summer!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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$578?! WOW! And I thought the Adette dress was high at $498 (which was in February/March 2012).

Comment by Lauren

I knoooow! I was still in sticker shock from the Adette; am slightly appalled that prices are being raised even higher. I imagine with the lace overlay there is some logic to have this priced slightly higher than the standard ksny dress, but I think kate spade is also experimenting with inching up their price points for the sake of testing the waters a bit.

Comment by goldenmeans

And that cute crazy armadillo bag is some crazy price like $350 which is way way high for “quirky”……

Comment by Maggie May

Kate Spade is indeed pricing all their novelty bags high these days, boo! Fortunately I’m sitting this one out, but it kept me from buying other bags like the All Aboard Clutch, sigh.

Comment by goldenmeans

I saw the Selita dress in person and it is really a work of art! The lace is really heavy and it looks handmade. It is very different from other kate spade laces in the past. It is actually a bit heavy for my taste. It adds pounds which I can’t have happening right now! ;-) It also weighs pounds which can be hot in houston in the summer. It would be a great Holiday dress If I got it on sale…

Comment by royaltygirl (@royaltygirl)

Oh no, I was hoping that the 100% cotton would mean it could be a light, summer garden party dress. And eek to the adding pounds! Oh well, I think you’re right that it would be a great holiday party dress, and maybe by that time, it will have come on super sale (and I’ll be in better shape ;)).

Comment by goldenmeans

The Kate Spade Reena Sandals were the shoes that I was talking about getting when I asked you if they were comfortable :) I love them. The price sucks a little, but they sold out so quickly that I doubt they’ll go on sale. They’re classic, though, that I think I’m going to splurge :)

Comment by Kelly

Oh yay! I hope you love them :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I saw the Selita dress in a KS store and it is actually not red, but a dark orange. It it still a lovely dress though! The floral overlay is absolutely beautiful.

Comment by Jenny

Oh man, I haaaate when retailers represent orange items as red in product pictures, I always get so disappointed! If this really is dark orange, it might be a bit too close to the Compeer Dress for me to actually own, but I’ll try and see in person. Thanks for the heads up Jenny! :)

Comment by goldenmeans

The Selita dress is lovely, but yikes to the price. I’ve wanted a red lace dress (preferably with sleeves) ever since seeing this one on Chuck from Pushing Daisies:

I’m sad that KS’s armadillo purse was done in wicker instead of leather, like the adorable (but mostly useless for me) coin purse they released earlier…

I think you’d totally rock the color-blocked Tricolor Zahara dress. Especially with the KS Genny heart heels. <3 (Although I'm a bit wary of the bust on that one — looks similar to the straight cut of the Adette. *Not* happy about neither the higher price points, nor the snug bust trend…)

Still hoping the dotted Chandler romper hits mega clearance…

Comment by zyzzyva

Um, I’m done. A Pushing Daisies reference was all that was needed to push me over. Now I NEED a red lace dress, and the Selita may just have to be saved up for :)

The Zahara is so pretty…I want to try it on in store to make sure the length isn’t too long on me though (I finally got the Adette last week and while I like it, I actually think *it* might be too long, so we’ll see how this one fares..)

Comment by goldenmeans

As you can see I’m reading your posts out of order and you have me laughing a little over your hemline angst (in a gentle fond because I read your blog enough to feel like i know you kind of way ;)) not because I don’t understand such angst but because I feel sure Adette is so gorgeous that it must be just right!! Also I tried the colorblock Zahara on last week and love it and I’m only 5’3 (*cough* 5’2 1/2 ;)) so I of course was worried it might be too long but I kind of want it anyway :s And Selita though lovely does look quite orange to me…sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Maybe I didn’t look closely enough…I should probably go back and try it on shouldn’t I? Yes that sounds sensible :)

Comment by Tea

Choose a dress that shows off your assets with a flirty touch. Katie Price knows her best features are her legs and breasts, and she shows them off on the red carpet whenever possible. No matter what length her gown is, Katie likes to add a little frill or lace to her dress.

Comment by Daniel Ford from

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