Kate Spade Winter Wishlist
March 8, 2012, 9:15 am
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Ah kate spade new york, you know how to hit a girl’s wallet where it hurts.  I admit I’d been carefully metering my wants through the fall and winter, not really loving any of the November new additions, having only a few pieces catch my eye in December, barely any in January, but February, oh, February hit me hard!  I absolutely loved kate spade Spring campaign that came out last month, featuring an amazing black and white Florence Broadhurst Japanese floral print that adorned almost all of their new arrivals.  I love that pattern.  I adore it.  I want it in everything.  Here are some of my favorite printed pieces:


japanese floral cameo dress

japanese floral cameo dress – $498

Well, I love this dress in theory.  In reality, it is really really really, indecently, short.   Add that to the vaguely flared babydoll silhouette, and this dress was actually rather infantalizing.  (Check it out on the Bloomingdales model to see what I mean.)  I was hoping this would come in a longer length, like the one Deborah Lloyd herself wore to the Spring ’12 presentation last fall, but no dice.

kate spade licorice

licorice pumps – $298

trey sneakers – $98

How awesome would it be to kick off the pumps above at the end of a long night and replace with a set of matching sneakers?

japanese floral beaded scarf - $198


japanese floral fabric bethany – $328


kate spade louella skirt

louella skirt - $368

I may not be able to wear the japanese floral print dress, but this skirt version works just fine for me thankfully!


japanese floral scout – $278

japanese floral medium suitcase

japanese large floral suitcase – $1295 (medium suitcase - $828)

I’ve long had dreams of a matching, chic, old-fashioned luggage set, so I have been anxiously awaiting these suitcases ever since spying them in the Spring preview a few months ago.  However, I must say that I’m a little disappointed in kate spade.  The suitcases are just as beautiful as they appeared then, but they are  OUTRAGEOUSLY priced, and worse than that, shortly after they were released on the site, kate spade quickly changed their names from “suitcases” to “storage trunks,” adding the disclaimer, “please note, it is designed as a decorative piece and is not intended for travel.”   What?  I am not paying $1000 for a storage box, no matter how beautifully decorated!  I cannot believe that kate spade designed these at that price point and forgot to road test them for actual travel conditions.  Even the matching train case is apparently not fit for travel.  Bah.  (Also, I’m double sad that the cute little hatboxes from the Spring presentation didn’t seem to make it production at all :/)


What about the rest of my wishlist?  As in my Anthro wishlist post, I thought I might as well share it all with you guys.  Here we go, in chronological order!

December at kate spade featured a “confetti” theme, and so we saw lots of brights and polka dots amongst the new arrivals.  I admit I found most of it rather garish, but there were two pieces that caught my eye, a fun navy and black striped skirt, and a sweet silk polka-dot dress.  Because it’s been a while, both are on sale now, but I’m patiently holding out for deeper cuts:


haley skirt - $147 (was $245)


bailey dress - $237 (was $395)


January at kate spade was nautical themed, featuring lots of stripes, anchors, suitcases, and assorted travel motifs.  My favorite pieces were this gorgeous navy and cream striped dress (sadly already practically sold out on online, even at the somewhat crazy price), the whimsical, smile-inducing ship purse (kate spade always has the best novelty clutches!), and this little heart ring (maybe the only affordable thing I’ve wanted from kate spade ever).

striped adette dress - $498

all aboard ship clutch - $398

be mine mini heart ring – $48


The March new arrivals just hit the kate spade website today!  You should check them out — tennis and picnicking seem to be the themes, with lots of spring greens, pinks, oversized florals, rackets, tennis balls, polka dots, wicker, and bright gingham.  My favorites are the green tennis ball dress (100% cotton, which will be a relief in the summer — love my silk kate spade dresses, but sometimes a girl needs a break!), the pink and nude polka-dot melody skirt, and a little wicker clutch, which screams hot weather and picnics while still maintaining a sense of elegance and cool.


sonja dress – $378

Look closely — those aren’t just polka dots, they’re tennis balls!


melody skirt - $368


delevan terrace dolora – $268


What things at kate spade are you guys excited about? Did anyone get anything from this week’s sample sale that just ended?  (I indulged and snapped up the bow-bedecked Matingale Sweater that was on my September wishlist in both red and black!)  Please feel free to share!

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So disappointing to hear about the luggage. Kate Spade has taken the place of Anthro in my longing but I can’t afford KS, even on sample sale, unless its the jewelry or accessories. That’s ok, I’ll love from afar!

Comment by Victoria

Ah yes, I totally understand — most of the time I can only afford kate spade clothing at a second sale cut or with an additional percentage off! All my pieces I’ve bought on super-sale, which involves a loooot of patient stalking!

Comment by goldenmeans

Oh why did I look, that green dot dress is to die for, I love it so much. As usually you have wonderful taste and I want half the stuff you have on your wishlist

Comment by Melanie White

Aw, thanks Melanie! Glad you enjoyed. And yes, the tennis dress is super adorable! Makes me smile :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I always love it when you post Kate Spade. I don’t browse their site too much because it is out of my price range, but I enjoy the peeks I get from you and other bloggers. I think the styles she makes are so classic and fun.


Comment by lori

Oh, thank you Lori! I’m glad you still enjoy! Kate Spade is a little aspirational for me as well, but it’s fun to look and occasionally save up for :)

Comment by goldenmeans

That ship clutch is too cute for words! It’s a little steep for me at full price but hopefully it will last until sale. I’m a big fan of the Japanese print (on everything!) as well. I’m trying really hard to be restrained in my purchases this year but designs like this are just too tempting!

PS Welcome back – I’ve missed reading your posts!

Comment by Lauren

Thanks Lauren, so nice to hear from you again!

Isn’t the ship clutch just amazing? It will for sure go on sale though, the price is too high! Even the amazing Chocolate Bar clutch went on sale for 60% eventually…and then I pounced! :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I LOVE that tennis ball dress. It is so unique and the prettiest shade of green. I am 41 (fast pushing 42) and sometimes I wonder if Kate Spade is too young for me. However, I read that I am right in the middle of her target age range of 35 – 56. I think I am going to quit worrying about it. I can’t afford to buy that dress, but I can look for some similar fabric to make one.

Comment by Rachel

I really love Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant who now styles for Kate Spade, but I’ve noticed his styling for fashion shows and shoots really pushes towards young and trendy more than classic and appropriate. Initially this turned me off a little, but I’ve discovered the clothes in person are still lovely and wearable thankfully, and I can style differently to suit my tastes. (Though the short hemline on that first dress is a little questionable…and that’s all in the design, not the styling!).

I would love to see you do a copy of the tennis ball dress — the silhouette doesn’t look *too* complicated, I totally bet you could do it if the right fabric appears!

Comment by goldenmeans

I agree wholeheartedly! He is styling it way too young. Styling for KS imo should be a mix of classic and playful and be true to the target woman, whom is 30-56 (I rounded down Rachel’s quote to include me in 1 year!)

Comment by Victoria

Haha, I totally approve of rounding down; I’m still only 27 but am feeling my styling shift to try to be slightly more classic and mature and not as overly frilly/girly — anticipating 30 creeping up on me as well!

Comment by goldenmeans

Great list!!!! I love everything that you posted! I’ve suddenly become enamoured with KS…but not her $$$. However, I’ve noticed recently that I’ve seen a lot of past season KS stuff at Marshalls and TJ Maxx! Totally affordable too! Something to consider. :-)

Comment by ginabean3

Oh my gosh Gina, really? That’s amazing! I may have to seek out my local Marshall’s and TJ Maxx now (though historically I have never found the amazing deals others post about there, hrmph!).

Comment by goldenmeans

I am hoping for those skirts too! I can’t say no if one hits my outlet. Recently I lucked out on the city lights skirt and a couple of outlet-only Haley style skirts. I keep my fingers crossed for these to somehow end up there in my size…

Comment by Royaltygirl

Hi Sandee!! The City Lights skirt is amazing, I wear it all the time; lucky you :) I saw the other skirts you got on your blog as well, they look lovely! Wish I had a kate spade outlet near me, but alas…

Comment by goldenmeans

I love the Japanese Floral print and wish I could have everything in it in like a b&w matchy pattern explosion! Since I’m short, I hope that the Cameo dress still works for me. (on deep sale, of course!) I think it’d look adorable with a bright yellow bag or jacket/coat.
Not usually one for pointy toed shoes, I do like the Japanese Floral Suze kitten heels. I just think they may be a old/mature for the rest of my style.

The tennis ball dress’s matching patent bow belt really pulls it together for me. So cute, but I fear the waist might be too low on me. The Melody skirt is quite darling. I have the Melody polka-dot dress and it is lovely and so swishy to wear.

I’ve loved the Dotted Chandler Romper since the debut of the Spring Preview photos where it was styled with the Eat Cake For Breakfast tote (still trying to justify spending $$$ on a tote bag…). I thought it was a trapeze dress at the time. Another romper… I guess I have a problem…? ;)

I agree about Brad Goreski. Never watched Rachel Zoe’s show, but I know of him via blogs & KS. I really enjoy his retro quirky style, but agree that his styling trends *very* young for KS. Considering the price point, I see their customers as fairly established, *youthful* women who love color and their femininity.

Comment by zyzzyva

Oh, the cameo dress paired with yellow would be amazing. Even if I can’t wear it myself, I can see it suiting shorter ladies well for sure!) And yes, I’m not totally in love with the Licorice’s pointy toes (especially since toes like that can make my size 11 feet look ginormous), but I think the sandal version looks a little hooker-y with that giant platform, and I can never balance myself in kitten heels :(

Totally agree about the Sonja’s belt pulling it all together — weirdly, I didn’t like it as much in the Spring preview with the tennis-racquet buckle belt instead! The matching patent green bow is somehow a better fit for it (also I think they maybe shortened the dress for production? That also helps.)

The dotted romper is too cute, but as I mentioned before, rompers scare me a bit (mostly because I’m not sure my legs are up to the test!). I also thought it was a dress back then too! The look is adorable and if you can pull it off, go for it! (Especially with the tote, but seriously, what is with that price? I was eyeing it too, but not for more than $100, if that!).

Comment by goldenmeans

Just wanted to pop in and say I saw the Adette dress in an 8 (and a couple 12s) at the SF store (in the mall, not on Grant) yesterday…

I tried on the Japanese floral jacket. Very cute, and I sized down (6 instead of my usual KS 8). The fabric is jacquard woven with the floral pattern, then printed (tho not in the same place) — quite elaborate. It almost felt quilted. For some reason it wasn’t true love for me, though. I can’t put my finger on it as to why.

Comment by zyzzyva

Hi Anjali
I love KS at the moment. Although its a little hard for me living all the way here in Australia. Do you know what the sizing is like? If im a size 0-2 in most things – would you recommend me going down to 00? (i’ve heard the clothing can run large?)

Comment by vintageglammz

Jenn, nice to hear from you again!! :) I think Kate Spade runs fairly true to size, and if you are small in the bust, some of their dresses can run a little bit there (though it’s normally sized for me). I could see you wearing a 00 because of that. Hope this helps! =)

Comment by goldenmeans

I was looking on ebay for some SP phone cases and just saw the japanese floral print one! It immediately captured my eye! Definitely so cute in everything else too! I especially love the scarf and the “luggage” hahah i too agree that it’s a little ridiculous to pay that much just for a storage trunk! hopefully they’ll make sturdier pieces for traveling!

Comment by mel

It would be nice indeed if kate spade came out with actual travel-worthy luggage someday! I actually semi-saved up for these, so I was even prepared to pay full price, but I just can’t justify it when they’re not airport-weatherable! Hopefully they’ll think about introducing an actual luggage line (a la DvF) sometime soon :)

Comment by goldenmeans

All the Kate Spade items you’ve posted are just dreamy. As others have mentioned, I just can’t afford them, hahaha. Each of those items, at full price, would be a serious splurge, and the smaller sizes always sell out quickly, on the popular items. Still, every so often, something turns up, so I’ll keep my eyes wide open and my fingers crossed. :)

Comment by Carol

:) Kate Spade has popbacks too! I stalk things for my friend who is a size 00/0 and sometimes can get her deals at a good price. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can somehow score the hexagon-print Luella skirt so you can create that look you posted on your blog!

Comment by goldenmeans

I totally bought the stripped adette dress when it was available online! I snatched one of the last 6′s. I think I had a coupon code…but I was glad I was able to try it on in store first. It ran super small in the top (never a problem for my humble 34b chest), and I had to size up!

Comment by Lauren

Oh, lucky you! Hope you wear it and enjoy :) And thank you for the sizing tip! I’ll keep that in mind if I ever see it pop back up on the website (fingers crossed…).

Comment by goldenmeans

Hi, long time , no see..:) I do stalk occasionally, but not always comment. Love KS’s quirky style, she alwasy come sup with new charming prints and brights. I am current;y craving her accessories for Nordstrom- the ipad covers, phone cases, so cute. Incidentally, she has made a Nook color cover that I lust after so badly, but can’t bring myself to splurge on it -it’s close to $90 and my Nook was a little over hundred itself. It would be a true luxury for me to splurge on smth like that.

Comment by Slastena

So nice to see you around Slastena! Totally agree that the nook/Kindle case prices seem a little dear when compared to the prices of the actual device itself! I have my eye on the Great Gatsby cover by kate spade but haven’t brought myself around to actually ordering yet…however I use my device all the time, so might be worth it to protect it and carry it in a way that makes me happy :) So maybe someday…

Comment by goldenmeans

Anjali, So glad you are back posting I missed your delightful insights! You’d think with all the outlet centers here in the Bay Area they could put an outlet store here. I guess I should be happy to have the PA and SF retail stores at least I get to try things on before I order sale items. I LOVE KS and have for many years. I have some older handbags (my favorite handbag is the 2002 Zhivago curly lamb faux fur Alex bag with the green silk lining).

My favorite Fall item is the Victoria Faux fur pullover that I got to try on in store and my hubby bought me on sale as a Christmas present. I also have the Sandra merino sweater dress the black with cream stripes and love that too.

I agree the Brad’s styling is a much younger look but thankful as you said the clothes on their own are ageless and it is all about how you style them personally. I am at the higher end of the KS age demographic buying handbags back when KS herself was still at the helm : )

Comment by lisabfashion

Hi Lisa! So nice to hear thoughts from a long-term fan of the brand (I’ve only been shopping there for the last 2-3 years). And yes, I’ve bemoaned the lack of an outlet in the Bay Area myself! I visited my relatives in LA during Christmas and we stopped at the one at Cabazon and it was amazing! I managed to get some things I was stalking on the site at the time at awesome prices — the Melody dress for $100, the Gigi Petticoats for $90. Wish I could have those opportunities more often! Ah, well, I do consider us lucky though to at least have two stores!

Comment by goldenmeans

I purchased that navy polka dot dress (I had an extra 15% off code for my first order for signing up for the email list) and it’s really cute IRL! I would def recommend it!

Comment by Kelly

Yay, that’s a great buy :) I’ve tried it on in my store but haven’t dared actually purchase yet; trying to stick to my budget! I think (/hope) it will last another month or two and then I can pounce!

Comment by goldenmeans

Good to see you back. I miss your and Tien’s posts the most. Struck me as the most real and non-showy. Welcome back :)

Comment by Anon

Wow, thank you, that’s very touching; I really appreciate the feedback. (And I miss Tien’s posts myself!)

Comment by goldenmeans

Well it probably comes as no surprise that I’m lusting after the Striped Adette Dress too. I tried it on at the Broome St Kate Spade a few months ago and it’s a little tight across the chest. I usually wear a ridiculously small dress size at Kate Spade (4! In what world am I a 4??!?) but in that one a 6 was much better. I am sad to see it sold out online but I’ve seen this with other dresses of theirs where it disappears for awhile before magically going on sale.

I recently picked up the Watercolor Jillian Dress during the recent KS sample sale and I am so happy with the dress. I plan on wearing it to work, too dressed up or not!

Comment by roxyturtle

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