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March 1, 2012, 10:23 am
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kate spade Natalia Dress, Nordstrom Cardigan, Zara Scarf, Vintage Lockets, Marc by Marc Jacobs Sasha Bag, Born Milari Boots

Hello there friends, this is me returning after a long, long absence!  I believe that, rather horrifyingly, I haven’t posted since mid-October.  Life was just crazy busy for a while, but I admit also that I just wasn’t feeling blogging anymore.  There was a ton of negativity in my little corner of the blogsophere around the time that I left, from all sorts of sources, and also, even more than that, I honestly found my blog to be kind of boring to read. I hadn’t been inspired to write for a very long time and was just kind of going through the motions.  That sort of content wasn’t any fun to write or produce, and not fun to consume either I’d imagine.  A nice long break has had me missing an outlet for all my fashion blatherings though, and so consider me returned for now!  I probably will only be posting a few times a week, but there is a bunch of stuff that I’m actually excited to talk about, so hopefully you guys will stick around and join me!

This outfit is a little old at this point (from the end of January, when I finally busted out the camera for an outfit picture for the first time in months), but I thought it might be appropriate to share to begin the month of March.  Green is one of my favorite accent colors, and one I get even more excited about using this month as St. Patrick’s Day approaches.  Expect  some more green-laden outfits in the upcoming weeks!

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I am so happy you are back. I have missed you. I really enjoy your blog–it is definitely not boring. I always love to see your outfits and also your antho on tv posts.

Comment by Rachel

SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK! I actually let out a little gasp when I saw Golden Means in bold in my Google Reader! I’ve missed you and your outfits!

Comment by HRCK the Herald

I am glad you are back! I have missed your musings and my favorite feature anthro seen on tv :) Looking forward to more posts!

Comment by SarahV

Glad to see you back took. I missed seeing you in all your beautiful clothes :) Thought I would finally get around to becoming a member too :p x

Comment by Paul

I squealed when I saw you pop up on my reader!
Your absence was missed dearly and it is so lovely to have you back Anjali!

Comment by Usha

thank you for coming back! I only discovered your site in October, and you stopped! I spent a good long time going through your older blogs, getting inspiration from your outfits, looking for items from years past on eBay that looked great on you. So I am very happy to have your inspired comments and photos again.

Comment by Diane

I am soooo happy you are back!!!!! I missed you and your blog so much you don’t even know! I miss your outfits and spotted posts so much. Welcome back!!!

Comment by Ally

So excited you are back! I copied your last outfit from October and I need more to copy. Your pictures are always so beautiful.


Comment by Karen

So glad you’re back!! Your blog is seriously one of my favorites.

Comment by Rachel

Welcome back, your colorful frilly pairings have been missed!

Comment by respect the shoes

OMG WELCOME BACK! I have missed you and your outfits and musings.

I have this same dress and you have given me some sweet “winterize” and “cold weather spring-ize” ideas from your beautiful ensemble!

Comment by Jesspgh

:) And I have an outfit that was inspired by one of YOUR ensembles coming up, so fair trade!

Comment by goldenmeans

Excellent! I can’t wait to see!

Comment by jesspgh

Welcome back, Anjali…you have been missed! :)

Comment by Fabulous Florida Mommy

Ahhh welcome back! I was just thinking about you and your blog a few days ago, wondering if you’d ever come back! I’m definitely glad to see you posting again!

And I just have to say, I loved all of your posts! Whether or not you thought they were boring or uninspired, I certainly never did. And the outfits you wear all always so beautiful and enjoyable to look at, so thank you! :)

Comment by Laura

Ah, hello hello you! And the internet lets out a collective squeal of joy to have you back! I can’t tell you how nice it was to see this post pop-up- I just dropped everything else! screw work!

Your polka-dots and green are bang on for anticipating spring (bah- snowstorm outside- I suppose that’s polka-dotty though…), and I believe those boots may be the most beauteous work of perfection I’ve seen in awhile. sigh. Thanks!

Comment by thatdamngreendress

Welcone back Anjali! It was such a pleasant surprise to see you pop up in my email. Looking splendid too! Not that I thought you wouldn’t. I suffer the same consequences of blogging. Adore the boots!

Comment by Laura

Welcome back! You’ve been missed :)

Comment by gigiofca

Yeah!!! Have missed your colorful selections and it is great you are returning as spring (might be) also returns!

Comment by Maggie May

Aww, I’m so touched and amazed at everyone’s response! Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome at my return :)

Comment by goldenmeans

Hooray! You’re back! :D

Comment by Val

A big fat HURRAY!!! I always love looking at your photos and beautiful outfits.

Comment by tien

I was thinking of you a few days back … so good to see your post pop up! I was almost getting cynical that may be I unfollowed you without realizing and I now I wouldn’t find you! :)

∞ © ∞

Comment by Tanvi (@Tanvii)

Hooray, I’m so glad you’re back!!!! Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts :-).

Comment by Megan

I’m so glad you’re back Anjali!

Comment by Alexandra

HOORAY!! So glad to have you back and looking gorgeous as usual.

Comment by roxyturtle

Welcome back! I’m sorry to hear about the negativity. All this is supposed to be fun. I don’t know what people’s problem is…
We have similar tastes, so I’m always interested in what you come up with, outfit and wishlist-wise.
I do love that bag. I wish MbMJ’d bring the birds back again on one I could afford… ;)

Comment by zyzzyva

Yay! Glad to see you back! I love reading your posts, you are a great writer with great style!

Comment by Tammy

OMG WELCOME BACK!!!! I’ve really missed you and your blog and your fashion inspiration! I clapped in excitement when I saw your post pop up in my google reader :)

Comment by Adeline

Seeing this post totally brightened my day! So glad to “see” you again. Your blog has been missed.

Comment by cwhf

What a happy surprise to see your post! I’m glad you’re back. :-)

Comment by Andrea

Yay! I have missed your outfits and commentary (boring??? No way!!) happy you are back!

Comment by Spiffy

Nice to see you back Anjali! We’ve missed you. :)

Comment by Patti

Yay! :) Very pleased here in NOVA!

Comment by dinagideon

Yay! I’m glad you’re back! I feel like we’re having a reunion of sorts.

Comment by Jinah

So glad you are back!! I love reading your post and have missed them.

Comment by Melanie White

Yay! I was so glad to see your post in my Google reader. Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

Comment by Natasha @ Moody Girl In Style

What a fun suprise to see you back again! I clicked on the link to your blog so quick from the EA homepage. Just yesterday I was wondering when/if you would return and I was also try to imagine what beautiful outfits we were missing out on. Welcome back.

Comment by Carmen

Oh yay so glad you are back! And with a new cute outfit photo. Missed those and your posts so much. No way is your blog boring!!! =)

Comment by dancing

Anjali! We’ve missed you so! A wholehearted welcome back! :D

Comment by Carol

Hi Anjali, Happy to see you! I haven’t been blogging either mostly just too busy & I hate the cold. I am so happy that you are here and back with all of us admirer’s I check on your blog almost daily. So happy Comeback!

Comment by Gabby

Huuzah! Welcome back!

Comment by thatgirlallie

hooraay! ur back! I’ve missed ur posts!


Comment by Ath

Welcome Back! Missed your posts so much.

Comment by Liza

Glad you’re back!! I love your style!!

Comment by Rebecca

So nice that you’re blogging again! Love the polka dots. (:

Comment by Dajana

I thought it was a mistake when I saw a blog update from you. Welcome back!!!!

Comment by Bronzi

Yaaaaay! I’m so glad that you’re venturing back into the world of blogging! You have been dearly missed.

xo Julie

Comment by Julie Rose Sews

Anjali, I am so happy you are back! Your’s and Tien’s (I am so sad she isn’t posting on adiaphane anymore) are my favorite blogs. Your outfits are always so inspiring :)

Comment by Lauren

Glad to see you back. :) Hope you had a good break, and looking forward to reading your posts and seeing your outfits again.

Comment by rachel

Welcome back! I’m thrilled to see you’re writing again – you’re one of my favorites!

Comment by Jessica

so nice to see you back- I have missed you.

Comment by Judy

I’m so happy to see your post. I’ve missed reading your blog. I saw you twice since Oct at the Palo Alto store and once got up the nerve to say hi and ask you to please please blog again. The second time I saw you, I think you bought the Unconditional Oisier dress and the Veiled Alder dress and I can’t wait to see how to wear those. :)

Comment by LoveYellow

Yay, you’re back! I’m so happy!

Comment by Anna

Hooray!! Welcome back! I’ve missed seeing your posts a bunch!


Comment by lori

I just found your blog recently and I really like it! I’m really glad you are back to put more adorable outfits together :)

Comment by Ashley

I am so glad you are back! I did a double take when I saw your blog on my blog roll at the top! Yay! I sure know how you feel though. I have been thinking of taking a break too. I am finding that I can’t get so excited about clothes and such right now. I am going to try to press through because I know that is what I “should” do. You were sorely missed!

Comment by Royaltygirl

I’m glad that you are coming back to blogging feeling refreshed and renewed. Your voice is one I have enjoyed reading for its thoughtfulness and practicality.

Comment by bookishhelms

[...] proof that emerald green goes with everything. No, [...]

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So glad to see you back, woman!! Been hoping all was well in your corner. Yay for a sweet return. Always love catching your take and your outfits!

Comment by Molly

[...] in materials — but I actually bought kate spade’s dress (you can see me in it here) on sale for $140 last summer, cheaper than what Anthro’s piece is going for right now.  So [...]

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