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March 18, 2011, 10:12 am
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Time for the usual round-up of Anthropologie sightings on television!  This week we spotted:


Glee – “Original Songs” (Episode 2×16) – Quinn in the De Chelly Dress (worn previously here)


Glee – “Original Songs” (Episode 2×16) – Quinn in the Miss Swiss Corset Dress


Glee – “Original Songs” (Episode 2×16) – Quinn in the Memory of Feathers Dress


Community – “Custody Law and Eastern European Dipolomacy” (Episode 2×18) -
Annie in the Jacinth Sweater Dress


Community – “Custody Law and Eastern European Dipolomacy” (Episode 2×18) -
Shirley in the Mellifluous Gathers Tee


Private Practice – “Love and Lies” (Episode 4×16) – Violet in the Floating Sparks Cardigan


Greek – “Agents for Change” (Episode 4×9) – Rebecca in the Leifsdottir Swan Song Skirt


Pretty Little Liars – “Monsters in the End” (Episode 1×21) – Spencer in the Femme Fisherman Cardigan


Pretty Little Liars – “Monsters in the End” (Episode 1×21) – Spencer in the Uncommon Field Jacket


Athalie also spotted these two other sightings in the same episode that I’d originally missed — thank you!

Pretty Little Liars – “Monsters in the End” (Episode 1×21) – Aria in the Overachiever Sweatshirt


Pretty Little Liars – “Monsters in the End” (Episode 1×21) – Paige in the Snow-Tipped Bomber


Scarlet spotted this cardigan on the recent premiere of HGTV’s Secrets From a Stylist:

Secrets From a Stylist – “Hollywood Regency Meets Country Club Chic” (Episode 1×1) -
Hillary in the Tempting Trellis Cardigan


Kara let me know about this sighting on Nickelodeon’s Victorious:

Victorious – “A Film by Dale Squires” (Episode 1×19) – Mrs. Vega in the Avenues-Of-Lace Blouse


And I actually spotted a bunch more Anthro pieces on one of the friends in the same episode!

Victorious – “A Film by Dale Squires” (Episode 1×19) -
Cat in Remembering Violets Dress, Fosteriana Cardigan, and Fairy Cake Dress


Lastly, Samantha wrote in about this ad (for one of my favorite shoe brands!) that she spotted in the latest People Style Watch:

Sofft Spring 2011 Collection Advertisement – Shifting Buttons Skirt


That’s it for today’s post!  I still have to sort through a bunch of my backlogged emails, so there will probably some more in the works for next week too.  Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who contributed, and as usual, please let me know if you’ve seen anything I’ve missed — I’ll do my best to hunt down a screenshot and include it in one of my upcoming posts!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


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Hi Anjali,

Another stellar round of sightings. This seems the largest group ever. I dont have a single one of these Anthro pieces. Although I did order and return the De Chelly Dress. Fabulous fit, but not a Laura Dress. Now I wish I had gone for the Femme Fisherman. The sleeves alone are a delightful work of art.

Comment by Laura Martin

There is a payless commercial and the gal in it is wearing a dress from anthro. I know she is! I can’t think of the name or find it on the website but I know its from anthro. It is white with yellow stripes. This is annoying me. Hah.

Comment by Meg

Thank you Meg and Steph! I just found the commercial on YouTube. It’s the Sun-Shades Dress :)

Comment by goldenmeans

there’s some weird burger king commercial about meat science (?) and the female scientist is wearing the precious particulars blouse.

Comment by tasty moog

Oh yay, thank you tasty moog :) I wasn’t able to find the commercial on YouTube to get a screenshot of from yet, but I’ll keep looking!

Comment by goldenmeans

I completely second meg, I know it’s from anthro but I don’t know which dress!

Comment by Steph

Always one of my favorite posts of the week Anjali! Thanks for another great round-up! :)

Comment by fabulousfloridamommy

Oh I wondered if anybody else had spotted the Memory of Feathers dress on Quinn-hard to notice it with her seated and behind other cast members…but there it was! I hope she gets to wear it again and we get to see more of it in another episode. Also seeing the De Chelly again makes me wish I hadn’t passed it up…how cute is it styled with a dark denim jacket and that cute little hat?

Comment by Sharon

She styled it very cutely, I agree! :) I loved her cloche too. I tracked it down as being from Forever 21, but it’s sold out, otherwise I totally would have gotten my paws on it by now ;)

Comment by goldenmeans

This week’s Parks and Recreation episode “Harvest Festival” had Leslie in the Andalusian Horse dress by Leifsdottir as well! The dress’s appearance is towards the end of the episode, and it totally made me want to go looking for it on eBay. Love this feature every week!

Comment by Cecilia

I noticed this as well and squeaked out loud!!

Comment by Dea Diaries

Thank you so much Cecilia! I got the screenshot and will include it in my post next week :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I’m almost positive the Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat was featured on the new CBS show “Mad Love”. It’s in this clip:

Comment by Brianna

Hi Brianna! I actually caught that this week myself :) I let out a happy mini-shout of excitement when I saw it =)

Comment by goldenmeans

Not directly related to this post, but can I just say what an awesome guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars is? It’s a little disarming seeing all that Anthropologie on the show as I don’t want to relate to the characters too much!

Comment by roxy

I agree, total guilty pleasure! In the beginning I was a little dubious because I had read all the books previously and was not a fan of the digressions from source material (I actually stopped watching for 9 or 10 episodes and missed quite a bit!), but then I just started enjoying it for what it was. It’s kind of amazing in its own way :)

Comment by goldenmeans

One of the Obama daughters is wearing the Anthro Glanz dress in one of the pictures in this slideshow:

Not sure how to link to the photo directly. It is in the photos where they are debarking the plane.

Comment by Victoria

Thanks Victoria! A couple people have written in about this, I’ll definitely include it in my post next week :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I love these recaps that you do!!

Comment by Sharon

One of Ted’s students on tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother wore Anthro’s “Belladonna Top”

Comment by marmalade81

On Monday night’s episode of House, Masters is wearing the Spitalfields Skirt toward the end of the episode :-)

Comment by Maureen

Ooh, Quinn was wearing my city spectator wedges on that episode of Glee, when she’s at the piano with Rachel!

Comment by Mel

has anyone ever watched kelsey’s essentials on the cooking channel? i was flipping through the TV and saw her in something anthro (can’t remember the name of it). checked her website and saw even more anthro:

Comment by sklee

Hello! Last night on Raising Hope, the girl who was fighting with the guy was wearing an anthropologie sweater! It’s called the Belladonna Top! Sorry I don’t have a screenshot! :(

Comment by Julie

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