Anthropologie on Last Night’s Glee Season Finale
June 9, 2010, 3:10 pm
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Last night was Glee‘s season finale episode, Journey. I confess readers, I did not actually ID many things from this episode because I spent most of it *bawling my eyes out*.  Seriously, was that not the saddest episode of Glee ever?  And when I was not sad-crying I was happy-crying.  Sigh.  But even through the tears I did manage to spot these Anthropologie pieces:

Rachel wears a relatively “old” piece, this Leifsdottir skirt from Summer ’09, more commonly known as the Anthropologie Calm Seas Skirt:


Anthropologie Calm Seas Skirt


Then of course Emma totally brings it with not one but two Anthropologie pieces at once that color coordinated in a crazy-yet-perfect way.  Love her matching yellow bracelet as well!


Anthropologie Clinging Blossoms Cardigan, Anthropologie Trampoline Skirt

Emma actually wore the Anna Sui Trampoline skirt once before, in Vitamin D.  I always appreciate it when Emma re-wears pieces — it brings a (slight) sense of realism to her wardrobe.

I was dying to know what shoes Emma wore with this outfit (I wondered, would her famous J.Crew Penelope Mary Janes be navy-and-yellow overkill?) but alas, despite my attempts at rewinding and re-watching in slo-mo, I found that the camera never dipped low enough to give us a shot of her footwear.  However, this morning I re-looked at this sneak peek set picture that What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? posted and saw that it contained her feet!  Though we never got to see them, she apparently decided upon a pair of plain yellow woven ankle-strap sandals.

Not Anthropologie, but I also loved the pretty gold frocks that the girls wore for the Regionals performance.  What Would Glee Wear? long-ago identified them as this Betsey Johnson dress (now unfortunately sold out, but still recent enough to locate in stores), slightly modified with black halter straps:


Betsey Johnson Evening Goldie Strapless Dress

I had to laugh at Olivia Newton John making fun of the team’s costume budget — dresses that are nearly $500 each aren’t exactly shabby!!

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I’m not sure if you saw the latest Kindle commercial during Glee, but the model was wearing the Pergola Shade cardigan from Anthro. =)

It definitely was a great episode…love Glee!

Comment by Tiny Cricket

Yes, with the Castle Lake Dress no less! I was so excited :) I love my Kindle and I love Anthropologie so it was a perfect amalgamation for me!! I was going to post on it later this week, but thank you for taking the time to let me know! I always appreciate Anthro-sighting reports =)

Comment by goldenmeans

I want Emma’s outfit. That is all.

Comment by Jessica

Seriously. Is it not amazing? I never would have put those two pieces together, I would have thought it would have been overkill, but she pulls it off so well. Hats of to Lou Eyrich for successful risk taking!

Comment by goldenmeans

I was crying so much, too! Yeah, I have a mad, crazy, strong desire to get that Clinging Blossoms Cardi now! I waited too long :(

Thanks so, so much for doing these recaps of Anthro-on-Glee! I love them!

Comment by Maria

Aw, I’m glad you enjoy the posts Maria! :) And don’t give up hope on the Clinging Blossoms! I am sure there are some navys still floating around there; it only went on sale the other week!!

Comment by goldenmeans

GAH I am kicking myself for not buying that skirt last year!!! (It is from last year, right? Anna Sui for anthro? I tried it on here and almost bought it but passed).

Comment by jesspgh

Yes, Anna Sui for Anthropologie — I amended my post to put in the brand name. You looked super cute in that skirt, you should have gotten it! And sigh, I still dream about that Leifsdottir dress you posted about there…

Comment by goldenmeans

Good eye!I am doing same with J crew, just spotted some jewlery in Vogue Knitting, lol!

Comment by slastena

I should really start watching Glee. If only for the outfits. :)

Comment by Ady

I didn’t know they were dressed in Anthro! No wonder they always look good.

Comment by Elaine, clothed much

I just can’t get enough of that Anna Sui skirt. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for it but no success :(

Comment by British Anthropologiest

I love glee and their stylists!!

Comment by Amber's notebook

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