An overly dramatic address to my Lolland Sweater Dress
February 26, 2010, 6:40 am
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Ah, Anthropologie Lolland Sweater Dress, how I have irrationally longed after you for months.   Yes, I’ve heard it all before, you look like a child’s jumper, a dishtowel, an apron, your ruffles are unflattering and make people’s hips look wider — I don’t care.  I still loved you from first sight, because you made me feel like some sort of cozy Scandanvian princess.  But $188 for you?  No, that was not going to happen. So I impatiently, impatiently waited for you to go on sale — through October, November, December…soon you ran out of stock on the website and I began to get ansty and paranoid.  I saw you in the San Francisco store while Christmas shopping and ran across the floor to you in joy, and I might have bought you on the spot if I hadn’t noticed that my boyfriend was unable to control the “…really? This is the dress you are pining after?” look in his eyes when I showed you to him.  He was unconvinced of your cuteness, but I knew, I knew we could share something special.  In January all the other sweater dresses went on sale, but you played hard to get, stubbornly remaining at full price.

Finally, one joyous February morning, I noticed you had gone on sale!  Praise be!  Of course you were already long sold out online, but I optimistically called Customer Service.  Tears might have welled up when I was informed that you were sold out in my size in every store in the country.  Fie, fie, how foolish I was, I should have broken my Anthropologie code and bought you at full price.  But all was not lost however — I dejectedly and not particularly hopefully asked after you in the Effortless Anthropologie community post, and a short while later, helpful leads from lovely ladies came pouring in.  By the afternoon, you were winging your way to me from Colorado.  And a few days later, you arrived, and my heart sang.  Then I noticed you still had your security tag on you.  Minor pouting ensued, but now you are tag-less and wearable and I can prance about in your adorableness.  And I did, yesterday.

I do have to say dress, you may be cute, but there may be some truth to this unflattering business!  You are cut sort of like a tent, an A shape that floats away from one’s body but then suddenly angles downwards in a frill of ruffles that cling to the hips.  Hrm.  Also you kind of make my chest look smaller.  But once that all-purpose miracle-worker, the Snakebite Belt, was unleashed upon you, suddenly I had a shape and curves again:



Also, most people online have complained about your ruffles and stripes and little bustle, saying they make one look bad from the side and back, but I gotta tell you dress, I kind of like what you are doing for my butt!  Believe me that I don’t just say that about all the other dresses.



Anyway, here ends my second-person address :)  Bottom line: I kind of love this dress — it’s soft and and warm and cozy and strangely flattering on my curves (if you don’t stare at the bottom triangle part too much).  There are probably dresses that could do more for my body, but I’m happy in this one, and that’s what matters most to me.  Plus, I realized at some point that this is a knock-off of one of the dresses from the Mayle Resort 2008 collection, so it’s like a little piece of one of my favorite now-defunct brands now lives on through it.  Thanks to all the ladies who emailed me and left leads for helping me nab this one at a semi-affordable price, I really appreciate it!

I didn’t accessorize this dress to much since I think it is kind of statement-y on it’s own, and also it was gross outside so I stayed in and worked from home all day, making me a little lazy about fully dressing up.  Here are a few detail shots of some outfit components though:


Love these double pockets and the folksy wood buttons fastened with red thread…


My personalized Col. Littleton Camp Bracelet….


Bird and Whistle necklace from Erica Weiner.  I am always so tickled at the fact that this whistle actually works.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!  Happy Friday everyone  :)

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Wow! What a difference that belt makes. I have the dress, too (which I sadly paid full price for, but I just couldn’t let it get away on me!!). I haven’t worn it yet, but I think I’m gonna pull it out today and find a belt to go with it. Thanks for the inspiration! You look amazing in it :)

Comment by Carly

Thanks for the nice words! I think you were smart to buy it at full price and not have to go through the anguish and paranoia I did :) Either way it is worth it if you enjoy it, and I hope you do!

Comment by goldenmeans

This dress never did anything for me until I saw it on a girl in the subway. She had it on with riding boots, tights, and some kind of long sleeve shirt underneath. So cute! I don’t remember if she was wearing a belt, but that seems key to unlocking its potential. The snakebite belt is a great pairing.

Comment by tastymoog

Ooh, that sounds like a great outfit. I never thought about this with a long sleeve shirt underneath — maybe a brown or red one? — but that sounds really amazing. I will have to try it!

Comment by goldenmeans

I bought this dress on sale and love love love it too!!! looks super cute on you with or without the belt – it’s more about how you feel in it that shows, ya know? xoxo

Comment by yogini

Yay, we can form a Lolland club :) I actually don’t think it looks super bad in the picture I took, but moving around it is kind of disastrous without the belt on me…but I think I would love it either way to be honest ;)

Comment by goldenmeans

wow – the dress looks awesome on you! What is the style number do you remember?

Comment by Sparkles12

The style number is #930107. Hope this helps you out! I think the S and the XS are a bit hard to get your hands on, but I’ve seen a bunch of Ms and Ls in my local stores.

Comment by goldenmeans

Thanks for wearing the dress! Love it with brown snakebelt. I have it and will try it to how it looks.

Comment by Diem

Hope this helped you! I know you were trying to figure out if you should keep it.

Comment by goldenmeans

Dear goldenmeans,

I’m so sorry I played hard to get. So many other women tried me on, then tossed me aside. It hurt. It was hard to trust. But I’m so happy we’ve been brought together. I make you look wonderful and you are so happy to see me every morning!

your *favorite* dress

Comment by a stylized hysteria

So cute!

Comment by GigiofCA

LOL, Najeema, you are too too cute :)

Comment by goldenmeans

I think you look so fabulous in it! Good job stalking it and finally owning it! :-)

Comment by Gina

Thank you! Although all credit goes to the nice Anthro community members who helped track it down. I was about ready to give up on my own!!

Comment by goldenmeans

Oh I loved this dress too and wanted to buy it, but alas I am way shorter than you and don’t have your hourglass figure, so it made me look even shorter and more tent-like.
But you, that dress, and that belt look awesome.

Comment by Lisa

Thanks for the compliment Lisa :) I’m sorry the dress didn’t work out for you personally, but I’m sure there are many other contenders from Anthro’s new arrivals to fill up any dress voids in your life, huh? =)

Comment by goldenmeans

the fact that it is sort of apron-like makes me adore it. and the ruffles..swoon! you look fantastic and i love the jewelry!

Comment by Courtnee

Aw, thanks Courtnee! Heh, I find the apron look sort of endearing too, which is why I picked up the Bayside dress this week as well!

Comment by goldenmeans

The dress looks awesome on you! I love how a belt can solve any problems and make a garment more fitted. You look beautiful Anjali! xo


I was never a belt person until this Snakebite, but since then I’ve realized what miracle workers they can be! :) Thanks for the nice words Jacqueline!

Comment by goldenmeans

I really wanted to try that dress on, too, but friends and boyfriends–separate occasions–shook their heads with a resounding no, followed by, “It looks like a child puked all over it.” But what do they know?

I think it looks great on you, and it has a very folk/faerie tale quality to it that I don’t know how to explain. And the snakebite was a brilliant touch!

Comment by Tien

LOL, I child puked on it! Oh no! I would be hesitant to try it on after that too ;) I think you hit the nail on the head though — this has a folksy/innocent/sweet/ethereal/fairy tale quality to it, which I think is partially why I love it so much.

Comment by goldenmeans

That dress looks great on you!! I always walked right past it in the store and now I totally regret it! I’m so glad you were able to get it and that you love it.

Comment by Brenda L

Thanks Brenda! I almost bypassed this one too, I would have never imagined it was for me. Natalie of Anthropologie Addict though was raving about how much she loved it though, so I thought I might as well give it a shot and I’m glad I did =)

Comment by goldenmeans

I love your blog today… was so cute. You look really sweet in the dress. It goes really well with the belt. I don’t know if you have the Gumshoe sweater but it goes really well with it. Now I regret passing the dress on to a fellow Anthro.

Comment by Anne

Aw, thanks Anne! I don’t have the Gumshoe, but I can see the bright red version being fantastic over this, what a wonderful styling tip!

Comment by goldenmeans

I too have always loved that dress…the folksy print, the ruffles, the buttons and of course the double pockets. I think it looks great on you and love the snakebite belt with it. I really enjoyed reading your story on the search for your dress! :)

Comment by Athena

Thank you Athena, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. I confess, I wrote it at 2 AM before I fell asleep, but perhaps that made it less inhibited than usual ;)

Comment by goldenmeans

You look very cute in it. And yes it’s flattering to your backside as well. I see red with it for another look. A red bracelet of some sort…I think it can be done.

Comment by GigiofCA

Yes, I think red is definitely where I will go next with this dress! I wore a brown open-front cardigan with it this day, but next time I’m thinking a bright red or a rust colored cashmere cardigan with a red necklace? We’ll see.

Comment by goldenmeans

I swoon. You look spectacular! I got a good laugh out of this post too (who hasn’t been there?). Lovely read for a snowy Friday.

Comment by roxy

:) Thank you Roxy. For your nice words, and for hosting the community post which allowed me to track this precious dress down!

Comment by goldenmeans

Wow, this dress looks great on you! Now I’m kicking myself for not at least trying it at the store Monday…Uh oh, maybe it calls for another trip back!!!

Comment by Pamela

:) Thanks! It’s not for everyone, but I you should get a chance to at least try it and see how it works! Hope you managed to find one floating around your store.

Comment by goldenmeans

I love the back of this dress! I never would have given it a second look, but it looks great on you (and the Snakebite belt really is a miracleworker!) I’m glad you finally got your dress!

Comment by Kathleen

Thank you Kathleen! :) And ha, yes the back is kind overlooked in this dress sometimes because there is so much going on in the front, but I love it too. On its own it kind of reminds me of breton stripes.

Comment by goldenmeans

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you found a Lolland dress!! It looks fantastic on you (even without the belt IMO), but of course, so does everything!

As you now know, I paid full price for this dress and do not regret it. I still dunno if it was “worth” $188, but for how much I pined for it, it was definitely worth it psychologically to me, hahaha. I hope you love it at least as much as I do! :D

Comment by Katie

Oh, thank YOU for sending me all those nice emails to help me find it Katie :) I think for something we really love, full price is worth it for sure! I’m happy that I got it in the end on sale but with hindsight I shouldn’t have risked it!

Comment by goldenmeans

I like this dress on you, Anjali — tres adorable! And I really enjoyed your “dramatic address” — fashion *is* drama, you know?

Comment by SASY

Thanks Carole. And haha, I agree completely.

Comment by goldenmeans

I LOVE this dress on you Anjali and I’m not even a fan of it to begin with. You rock it lady!

Comment by Kim

Aw, that’s so nice of you to say Kim, thank you!

Comment by goldenmeans

Love your outfits! Great style! Is there a way to follow your blog like on a blogger account?

Comment by peggy

Thanks Peggy!
About following: since I have a wordpress blog, to follow it, go to, click “Add” at the bottom of your reading list and enter the URL of my blog ( Voila! You will be following me :)

Comment by goldenmeans

You know, this dress caught my eye when it was first released in October. My store finally got it and I was so excited to try it on. However, I am MUCH shorter than you (5’2), and the XS hit me in such a way that the second stripe up from the bottom (not the one just above the ruffles) ran straight across the absolute widest part of my behind. I have really large hips, and they do not need to have any more attention drawn to them LOL!

That being said, I think that this dress actually looks really lovely on you! The stripes aren’t hitting you in the wrong places at all, and I think that by pairing it with the Snakebite Belt, you have even improved an already lovely dress (on you)! And I can TOTALLY see you as a Scandinavian princess :P

Comment by Lauren

Aw, thank you for all the nice words! I love this dress, but I agree that the fit/look can be precarious and it widens the hips on even the best of us! I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you, but I know there are plenty of other quirky/whimsical Anthro dresses out there to fill the void :)

Comment by goldenmeans

Oh, what a lovely dress!

Comment by Diana

:) Thanks! When I first “met” it I was not wholly convinced it wasn’t actually completely ugly, but I’ve clearly done a 180 on that one ;)

Comment by goldenmeans

You are too sassy! I really liked this dress too when it first came out. I thought it was very Odd Molly at half the price! It looks fab on you.

Comment by Jinah

Oh, you know I’ve heard of Odd Molly, but I’ve never actually seen any of their pieces — you are totally right! It does kind of have that half-bohemian, half-rag-doll appearance to it.

Comment by goldenmeans

Victory is yours! Congrats, m’dear! It’s a lovely dress – I imagine long, cozy weekends by a fire in a ski lodge.

Comment by Jessica

[...] here was my outfit on Thanksgiving day.  It features my still beloved Lolland Sweaterdress and the red tights I complained so much about in my fall colored tights fashion challenge post. [...]

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