Sequin madness
December 18, 2008, 2:28 am
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As a child of the ’80s, I love a good sequin.  Here are some reviews of my latest sequin purchases:

jcrew liquid gold skirt

J. Crew Liquid Gold Sequin Skirt – $250

This is definitely a very lovely piece.  Though unfortunately it’s not the same shade of gold as in the promotional picture (it’s far less yellow-gold and more of a pale champagne-gold), I still love the texture and pattern created with the different sized sequins.  There are smaller sequins at the top of the skirt, which end in a wave towards the middle of the skirt and give way to bigger, more loosely spread sequins.  The inside is lined beautifully with a fine layer of brown silk georgette.    My main problem with it however is that it runs big, very big.  I normally wear a 4 – 6 so I ordered a S, but it’s almost falling off me.  As you can see in the third picture below, I can’t really wear it with my shirt tucked in because it just won’t run tight around my waist.  It looks much better with a shirt over it, although the side of the shirt definitely gets pulled up a little bit to accommodate the bow.  I’m not totally in love with, mostly because of the sizing (and also a tiny bit because of the color difference), but it appears to be already sold out.  I’m glad I at least got it for the 30% discount; I’m not totally sure it’s worth a full $250 to me.

jcrew liquid gold sequin skirt    jcrew liquid gold sequin skirt   jcrew liquid gold sequin skirt


miu miu sequin peeptoes

Miu Miu Paliettes Peep Toes - $650 (on sale for $259)

Oh, these shoes are so pretty.  A bit out of my price range normally, but I couldn’t resist ordering them at Barney’s when I saw them on sale for over 50% off.  Like the J. Crew skirt, these are covered in sequins of all different sizes, although the sequins here are graded far more gracefully and subtley.  In the front, there are pale gold tiny sequins stacked upon each other, giving the shoe a real texture, which give way gradually to large yellow-gold sequins splashed out far more widely.   Sadly, at over 4.1″ inches, these are a little too tall for me to be able to do anything other than stand, and also, they run very very small.  I wear a 11 normally, so I got a 41.  My feet sort of fit into them, but ouch, they definitely would be better if I sized up.  Sadly Barney’s doesn’t carry 42s, and god knows if Miu Miu even makes 42s, so back these go.

miu miu sequin peeptoes  miu miu sequin peeptoes


jcrew merino sequin shell

J. Crew Merino Sequin Shell – $148

Not so in love with this one.  From a distance it’s pretty lovely I guess, but it’s not exactly a delicate piece — the sequins are layered super thick and practically feel like they’re encrusted on.  This makes the front piece a little awkward and it’s not as fitted as I would like…kind of makes me seem wider in my opinion.  If it was $50 or $60 I might keep it, but for the $108 I got it for, I’m sending it back.


img_0452  img_0453

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GORGEOUS! I just love that skirt. I actually bought the Silk Dupioni Skirt in “Champagne” (which is a nice, pale gold) and I was looking at the sequin skirt back on the site. I wish it was still available- I think I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I like the silk skirt a lot, don’t get me wrong, but it just isn’t quite the same. I think it looks wonderful on you- but I agree, I like it better with the shirt over (versus tucked in). Keep it!

Comment by Chloe

Thanks Chloe :) I bet the sequin skirt will pop up back in stock as most pieces inevitably do if you watch them carefully! On the other hand, I think the dupioni skirt looks kind of amazing on you =)

Comment by goldenmeans

I have the sequin merino top, and I love it. I am large chested but sized down one size, and it fits very well. It may just be luck that this fits me well, because there are many many MORE times that J Crew items do NOT fit me because of the chest/waist ratio. I also loved that skirt, but was afraid of what the weight of it might be, and how it would hang.

What did you think of THAT aspect of it? If you ordered it smaller would you like it?


Comment by Suzy

Hey Suzy — I’m so glad the sequin top worked out for you! Maybe I should have sized down as well, but I think with all I have been spending lately maybe the return was a better idea for my pocketbook :)

As to the skirt — it’s not really that heavy. The sequins are actually very lightweight, unlike the ones on the merino shell. Because of that, the fabric isn’t too stiff or awkward or anything, and it hangs/drapes pretty nicely. You should definitely order it and try it out if it pops back up! I really liked mine, even with the sizing issue, and decided to keep it after all.

Comment by goldenmeans

[...] J. Crew shell is actually on sale for further down now, but out of stock online.  However, as I mentioned in my earlier review, I don’t think I would buy it even at a cheaper price — I found the sequins were too [...]

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I am so jealous you have this J.Crew liquid gold sequin skirt! I just missed one on ebay. :(

Comment by Midwestern Cliche

aw, I’m sorry! Crossing my fingers that another one pops up for you soon! I rarely every wear my own (it’s a little fussy to wear during the day and it gets second billing to all my dresses), so maybe someone like me will put it up for auction.

Comment by goldenmeans

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I would definitely brandish the Gold Miu Miu Paliette Peep Toe Pumps.

Comment by Very Stylish Ordinary People

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